Monday, June 21, 2010


i have been majorly missing in action.  so sorry about it!  update on the minivan situation: we found one!  and we bought it completely in cash!  thank you so much for partnering with us in prayer.  we are almost ready for this little guy's big arrival.  besides doing the final baby prep stuff, i have been growing things in my 1st official vegetable garden.  here are some pretty pics to show a little of how things have been going.

the top picture of the slow growing pepper plant is a sad story.  i planted 20 hot and sweet peppers... only two have survived to now and are so small because of the odd cold weather this year.  i believe it was cutworms that decapitated my pepper plants... reminds me so much of the "little foxes" is the song of solomon that threaten to ruin the garden.  i feel like it has been a fight!

the Lord has been speaking to me so much through gardening... makes me wonder what it was like to garden in eden before the fall and when there was no toil of working the land.  how amazing adam's garden must have been!

so, growing a baby and growing some veggies have been what i have been busying myself with.  i will probably not write much for the next couple weeks, but will try to check in here and there, and definitely announce the baby's birth.

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