Saturday, October 29, 2011

a list of random thoughts

1. i just love misty edwards devotional sets on the kansas city international house of prayer web-streaming archives.  most nights i have misty sing me to sleep.  even as i write this post i am listening to misty's most recent devotional set in hopes that she will sing my sleepy one year old to sleep right now.

2. i have been making dinners for my family again for about a week and a half.  this is something i am extremely proud of (silly, i know!) - it means i am starting to get some sort of energy and motivation back.  no worries, no super woman pregnant mama here! i still have piles of clean clothes everywhere, with piles of dirty laundry in-between, bills are still being paid late because i forget what day it is and what day they are due, my bedroom is still way too dusty to even believe i am confessing here to all the world, my minivan seems to be the bottomless pit (don't fall in, the junk may bury you alive)... but dinners are being made and my family is eating well again.

3. my little one sucks his thumb and i just love it.  it is one of my favorite things.  i sucked my thumb until i was almost 7 and, if truth be known, i would suck my thumb today if it were socially acceptable.  it is just that comforting.  (am i being a bit too real right now?)

4. i am reading this great devotional book called with Christ in the school of prayer by andrew murray.  it has 30 short chapters so i imagine most people could get through it in one short month.  i am taking my time, but am really enjoying it.  i feel like it is stretching my understanding of prayer and really encouraging me at the same time.  i have been talking to the Father about what i am reading and i feel like it will change the way i approach my conversations with God.

5. last year i did this awesome homemade gift christmas where almost everything i gave was made by me.  now, it was not every last gift, but almost and it was both cost effective and really fun.  this year my budget would need to do it again, but i have been having the hardest time getting much done.  someone told me a couple days ago that it was only 60 days left until christmas.  i have like 2 gifts made... of many many gifts i will have to figure out for all our various christmas events.  even crocheting a hat has proved very difficult for my pregnancy brain.  i keep making the silliest mistakes and can't seem to focus on what i am doing.  so... we will see how many homemade gifts i will actually get done.

6. good news about a couple homemade birthday gifts though - i successfully made homemade play dough for the first time.  i used kool-aid which made it smell like frosting and while i was mixing it on the stove and wondering if it would ever start looking like play dough and less like frosting, i almost forgot what i was making.  it was a success though and i made new play dough for my own kids while i was at it.

7. i have a fresh chicken sitting in my fridge that needs to be cooked but we don't eat lunch or dinner here on sundays.  i guess i will have to cook it anyways and then maybe save the meat for monday? oh wait, i don't think we are eating dinner here on monday either.  bummer.

8. did you ever know about my love of fall and everything pumpkin?  we don't carve pumpkins but we do roast so many during the fall and eat pumpkin like it is going out of style.  mmmm.  so far we have made a curry pumpkin soup and 3 loaves of pumpkin bread (2 had chocolate chips as a guilty pleasure in an otherwise good for you treat).  pumpkin food makes me smile.

9. every time someone hears i am pregnant that i don't know, they ask me if it my 1st.  when i hear, "no, it is my 5th," come out of my mouth and see the shock on their faces, i am still in a bit of shock myself.  i mean, 5 sounds like a lot right?  adding just 1 more little one to the 4 already running around doesn't seem that different, but then saying the number 5?!!!  i must be crazy, right?  but somehow it just sneaked up on me one child at a time and here we are... 5 kids in 8 years this next april!

10. well, misty worked her magic again.  little one is asleep and snoring.  gosh, i hope i don't snore while i listen to her all night long.

11. i am not that great of a list maker.  it seems that lists should be short, concise and to the point.  i am always way too wordy for that and need to add lots of description to each number on my list.

12. we are in a ton of transition right now.  our house of prayer that we oversee is in the midst of changing from a house of prayer that has met at our home church for the past few years to a citywide house of prayer.  transition, no matter how good it is and how much God is clearly involved is always painful.  i mean, take it from me, someone who have experienced 4 "real" transitions (labor is where they get that term, right???) and am about to experience another one in a few short months, that saying there is "pressure" is just a way to describe pain when you don't want someone to be afraid of the actual real pain.  it is hard and painful and yet usually anytime there is transition it is because a very very good thing is coming (like a new baby).  oh lovely fun transition.

13. eggplant.  if i have never told you how i adore eggplant, especially prepared the indian way, then i really should have told you before now.  i adore eggplant.

14. i am up way too late... way past my bedtime.  maybe that is evidence that i am getting some energy back.  but let's not exaggerate - i am not full of energy, so this should wrap up soon so i can go to bed.

15. i am tired.  so tired.  i think i have been tired for the past 8.5 years with ups and downs from tired to even more tired.  another reason i should go to bed while the above mentioned baby is sleeping.

16. good night!

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