Thursday, August 25, 2011

quick update

it has been a long time since my last post.  we have been out of town quite a bit lately (see picture above of beautiful santa cruz!) besides the travel (and a horrible stomach bug that hit our whole family), life has been busy and i haven't found the way to balance everything else and blogging.  it feels as if so much of our life is in transition on so many levels and when it isn't the time i am short on, it is the brain power to write a thoughtful post. 

so, this is not my most thought out post, but i wanted to let you all know i am still alive, i am still planning on blogging, and i still have topics i am excited to write about.  it just may take me a week or two to get the rest of life sorted out to some place of getting a good routine again. 

good news:  i am almost finished with my Bible reading challenge - i am a bit behind but i am in 1 john, so the end is in sight!  i am trying to decide what my next plan for Bible reading/study will be.  i am still in the middle of an intensive study on the book of isaiah, but i need more than that to keep me fueled.  any ideas?  i would love to hear your suggestions in the comments below.

hard to believe that summer is drawing to a close and school has begun.  so much of me mourns the seasons passing, but i must say i also enjoy the next ones as well.  i am never one, however, to wish my summer away.

hope you all are doing well.  i will write more soon! 


Monday, August 1, 2011

only enough time to be thankful

photo by myriah grubbs

i have so much on my mind and heart to write about and i just haven't had the time i would like to sit down and get it all down here to share with you all.  hopefully this means some really good blog posts are coming up as soon as i get some decent time to work through the thoughts in this brain.

for now, i am simply going to share the things i am thankful for as i continue to count the graces He has given me in my life - some small, some huge, and some disguised as hardship.  sharing this list every monday has impacted my heart so much!  the opportunity to stop and recognize His constant activity in my life is worth more than gold.

291 - 316 :

291. the free t-ball league the boys are playing in this summer.

292. connecting time with some of our partners over coffee and desserts.

293. discovering the tomato worms so i could rescue the remaining tomatoes they haven't already destroyed.

294. feeding the gross worms to my chickens.

295. fun 1st birthday party!

296. watching simeon take his sweet first steps and grow in confidence each time he tries.

297. the opportunity to be a faithful witness of the cross.

298. the encouragement of the Lord to my heart during worship this morning, "will you be a picture of my forgiving love in the midst of mistreatment?"  the honor (and struggle) of living like Jesus.

299. fresh produce during the summer.

300. connecting with an out of town friend i haven't seen for a year and a half.

301. my cozy little home and rowdy big family that fills it.

302. swimming on scorching hot days.

303. the weekly opportunity to partner my heart with the Lord's in praying for israel at our friday night house of prayer set devoted to praying for their salvation.

304. being almost done with my Bible reading challenge!  i can't believe i have almost finished and i didn't quit!

305. my family God has blessed me with on both sides.

306. memorizing the Word with my kids - through the 1st 3 psalms and about to start the 4th!

307. fresh picked blackberries.

308. fresh fruit smoothies for lunch.

309. the faithfulness of His tenderness to my heart when i turn to Him.

310. the courage to speak the truth in love when i would rather allow the fear of man to silence His urgings.

311. real joy.

312. a husband who still pursues my heart, after almost 10 years of marriage and 11 years of knowing each other.

313. letting go of the things i thought i needed to be happy.

314. the Lord correcting me through the words of my son.

315. the Lord coming through at the 11th hour once again.

316. the challenges of living on support as intercessory missionaries with a large family - opportunity to see God move on our behalf.

i am linked up at a holy experience.

 i welcome your sharing of His gifts in your life this week in the comments below. 

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