Tuesday, October 20, 2009

LIFE and life more abundantly

i went to a friend's house to collage one night, actually a week and a half ago on a thursday night, (i think that makes it on october 15th), and i was just too tired to stay and to really tear out enough pictures and words to cover a whole journal.  i had come straight from worship practice and after substitute teaching in my son's kindergarten class for 2 days with another sub day early friday morning.  so, i took the few things i tore out and stuck them in the front cover of my bible. 

a couple things happened in the next few days to make me think briefly about looking at them again, but i didn't for whatever reason.  this past sunday i was reading bible and decided to lay out the things i had torn out in front of me.  there was a definite theme to my potential collage pieces.  LIFE!  i believe there is even one more word of life that isn't showing in the pic, but from what is showing the theme is clear.   even the specific word tomorrow that i had torn out spoke encouragement to me about 2 distinct days that i had no idea i would be looking at these words and pictures right before. 

i love it when the Lord speaks encouragement to me before i know i will need it because He just cares that much.  He often gives me the encouraging word before i know i am going to need encouragement at all and it is so amazing to look back at something that could not have been manipulated.  God is just like that.

LIFE and life more abundantly.



Joe Choi said...

Amen. So true. I was just telling Christina how cool it is to see how God connects the dots in our lives to form an amazing picture we had not seen or realized. He's amazing and amazing beyond our imagination! =)

charis said...

thanks joe. yes, He really does and He really is faithful beyond what we can grasp in the moment. miss you guys!

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