Sunday, August 9, 2009

a proverb a day

i am once again on a reading plan for the month of reading one proverb a day corresponding to the date of the month. i have done this in the past and really appreciate the wisdom just from being in this book written by the wisest man who lived, apart from Jesus Himself, and seeking out wisdom and growing in the fear of the Lord.

here is one verse that really has stood out to me this time. i really want to continue to grow in the Lord, but just like everyone else i don't exactly enjoy being corrected. let's face it, who likes confrontation? definitely not me.
my son, do not reject the discipline of the LORD
or loathe His reproof,
for whom the LORD loves He reproves,
even as a father {corrects} the son in whom he delights.
proverbs 3:11-12

but solomon says that it is a blessing to be corrected. we shouldn't be afraid of being corrected and disciplined because that means the Lord loves us and wants us to grow. we should be afraid when we aren't finding the struggle of being corrected in our lives. that would be much worse for me.

so, my encouragement is two fold - get back into the book of proverbs. even start on the proverbs of the date you read this entry. also, do not resist discipline. as painful as it is in the moment, it is because of the great love the Lord has for us and He wants for us to grow. i will take it one step further and encourage us all to pray that the Lord would give us a value for His discipline in our lives and that we would not despise it.



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