Monday, September 14, 2009

color crayons and the Father

i don't have a lot of time to sit and write tonight, but i did want to share one of my favorite verses in the psalms. 
king david wrote in psalms 16:
the Lord is the portion of my inheritance and my cup;
You support my lot.
there is so much that excites me about this passage, and let me just say that you should definitely go and search this one for yourself.  there is so so much more to knowing God than just eternal life and saving from hell.  there is the promise that the Lord Himself will be our reward that we are desiring.  He is our portion and the inheritance that we are after.

i spent time with my five year old today while my younger two were napping, (just for a humorous mental picture, my 19 month old is climbing all over me right now as i type this), which is something that at times is really rare to do just one on one.  i asked him what he would want to do and he suggested coloring.   as i got the coloring books down for him to color and he asked, mommy, are you going to sit down and color with me?

funny because i had planned on 'getting stuff done' while he colored, but because he asked, i sat down and just spent time with my oldest son who wanted to be with me.  as we colored picture of veggie tales characters, he talked and talked and talked to me about all sorts of things.  i enjoyed his stories, laughter, and candid conversation.   it wasn't really the activity of coloring he was after; he was enjoying spending time with his mommy.

i am sure you get the point.  however, sometimes i am a bit slow to get the obvious.  i need these little reminders to slow down and just be.  i need to just be with my kids and enjoy them without an agenda.  i need to just be with my God and enjoy Him likewise.  it isn't about the activity.  it is about  enjoying spending time with my Father.  He is my portion.



Anonymous said...

I so get this! Trying to learn to slow down, enjoy the moment with my kids and steal away for alone time with Papa. Schedules may not work out but life is sooooo much sweeter.

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