Thursday, September 24, 2009


i am not sure if this is something going on with anyone else, but i am having an issue lately with time management.  i have been through many seasons in the past where i have nothing really going on.  those are tough seasons.  right now i am going through a season where there is so much going on and i don't want to be consumed with busyness. there is so much on my heart right now to do and i feel a bit overwhelmed at how to best use my time and where to focus without becoming too extreme in one area or another.

as i wrote about a week ago in realigning, i feel like i need to take some time to decide, with much imput from the Lord, what it is i am to put my energy into right now.  i tried to sit down and make a schedule for my time, but i didn't take the first step to set a vision for this season.  i ended up overwhelmed and frustrated with my busyness.  i need to know my focus(es) for this season first so that my schedule is serving me instead of me serving my schedule.

i remember my husband bill sharing with me something that my aunt beni had told him in a conversation, "balance is being extreme in all area."  something in that little idea helps me so much.  i love that God has promised to help me in my way.  so many times in the psalms it says that that He guides our steps and helps us in our way.  so so good.  i feel like i am extreme in one area then extreme in a different one, but He realigns me into a place of balance.

give me balance.  give me focus.  help me steward my time in the best way i can in this season so i will have much much fruit in the next.  in my ordinary way of living each day of life with what You put before me, breathe Your breath on it and make it supernatural.   

my uncle bill put into words the desire i have to be used by the Lord in what He has put before me to do and to be:
the significance of having an effect on eternity only takes place when your gift is like the sail of a boat that the breath of God blows into.  it has purpose only with wind. apart from wind the sail has no purpose.  so giftings in our lives only serve a purpose when the supernatural breathes across whom we are and what we have to offer.
teach me to number my days and use my time in this season wisely.  make my ordinary life anything but ordinary.



Mary said...

i have been feeling exactly the same way. exactly. i pray for balance and time wisdom every day.

charis said...

mary, with three kids it is so necessary! i find often my day goes by so quickly and i wonder what actually happened.

Anonymous said...

There is a lot going on and stuff I want to do but I feel God reigning me in and saying to listen to Him before I make a move. I read in Isaih 60 about God showing us the path to take. That is good I like reading your blogs, although I don't always get to.

charis said...

thanks christy! i am so glad you can connect with what is going on - neat how God does similar things with people at the same time.

Unknown said...

I guess why I like your blogs so much is I hear God whispering His thoughts, which are never out of context to present life. I needed these words in my present tense. too. (apparently, I'm just taking a day to catch up on your blog and comment on each - oops). I've been going over some YouTube from Bethel and getting more acquainted. I'm growing in wonder and appreciation at the gifts you all have over there. And more specifically in the gift of communication.

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