Thursday, January 28, 2010

a contest that would be a great baby gift for me (hint, hint)

well, the title of this blog alone should give a big hint to what it is about.  

i never really blog about this kind of stuff... usually just my thoughts and such.   however, since i am expecting my 4th child and have loved my maya wrap ring sling, (which i lost and need to replace soon), i am going to post about a contest a blog i follow is having.  my friend who is also a mom to 4 kids is having a contest on her blog where anyone could win a ergo baby carrier!  what a great replacement for my lost sling, right?!  that is what i am saying to myself as i hope i win. 

whether you have small kids and would want to enter the contest yourself or not, her blog is worth checking out.  she is a homeschool mom who does a lot of gardening, projects with her kids, mills her own grain and makes her own bread, and awesome believer... basically my kind of gal (and she follows this blog).  so here is the link... check her out.  but don't ruin my chances of winning too much, unless you want to give me that carrier as a shower gift.  (just a suggestion. hint, hint.)

click here to find her blog



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