Thursday, May 13, 2010

you must allow me to tell you

i have to give a plug for this amazing mug that i got for mother's day from my amazing husband and kids (mostly my husband though)!  my good friend brooke at  makes all sorts of great treasures, but i have been eying her pride and prejudice mugs for a while.  the problem was when i went to order one for a gift for someone for christmas, they were already sold out!  what a good problem to have as a seller, right?  she sells both on etsy and is now a wholesale distributor for different boutiques around the world (literally!), so her work is very good and very desirable. 

i have to say that drinking morning coffee or evening rooibos tea in this mug just makes me feel special all over.  so silly, i know, but who can resist the famous quote from the proposal between mr. darcy and elizabeth?  not me!  i watched this movie over and over and over again as i knit christmas presents and was confined to my couch with intense all day pregnancy sickness during the winter.  of all the scenes in the movie, that has to be my favorite of all.  my husband did good when he picked this one out for me. 

so, take a second if you will to go check out her etsy site.  i promise you will love what you find if you are anything like me.  if you are not... still fun to go check out.  she has a separate etsy site where she displays her amazing art work that has been featured in local art shows.  check it out as well.

then leave me a comment on what is your favorite find.  i haven't been blogging for a while... i have been very busy with life but i haven't forgotten the blog world.  i actually may be changing up my commenting again... just a thought swirling in my head that is actually hindered me from blogging because i wanted to decide what to do first.  i just finally decided that i need to blog and then decide what to do later.  more blogs coming soon!



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