Thursday, July 16, 2009

thinking of a change

so, i am just thinking about the possibility of switching my blog from blogger to wordpress. i haven't decided what to do yet, but i wanted to give all of you who follow a heads up that if i do choose to switch, you will lose your rss feed and will have to resubscribe. you will be able to keep going to and see it there, but you will have to reconnect your rss feed.

as i said, i haven't decided, and if i do switch i will also post it here so everyone is aware. so, regardless if i change the format a bit, please keep coming back and checking for new posts. i have enjoyed blogging... it was something i kinda fell into, and i think it is great that i did. blogging has kept be disciplined in writing, and that is the one directional word that God gave me for this season: i am supposed to write. i plan on continuing for quite a while. thanks for being faithful readers! someday... a book.



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