Tuesday, March 30, 2010

some new additions to my blog

i added some new features to my blog.  most you probably won't notice right away, but i was very proud of my non-technological self last night googling things and figuring out how to do stuff without anyone showing me. 

the first thing i added are tabs at the top of my page.  right now i only have a pink home tab, but hopefully more will follow as i figure this feature out. 

i also linked the feeds for my site to feedburner.  now, i am not entirely sure how this works and why it only shows i have one feedburner reader when i know quite a few people already get the rss feed for this blog.  maybe you need to subscribe again?  i am not sure.  you can add this to your particular reader (i use google reader and have it on my google homepage), add it to your google homepage, or read in other ways.  anyways, i hope i have not messed up you getting your subscription that you may have already had, but i thought this would be an interesting addition to my blog and another way i can extend readership, since blogger only allows 100 people at this point to follow a private blog.  if we get to the point of that being a problem, i will look into possible solutions.  i want you as readers who enjoy what i write to feel free to share with others who might enjoy reading.  you can do this by emailing a post (there is a link for that below the post) or posting a link to a particular post you like on facebook or twitter.  as i said when i first started this blog, my goal is to one day write books.  part of blogging for me is to create a base of readers who enjoy what i write.  the other part is to get me writing consistently so that i can narrow down what i want to write my first book about.

if you are not subscribed yet or a follower and yet read my blog regularly, i encourage you to follow one of those two ways because then you will be alerted to when i have a new post and not have to remember to come check and either come back to find i haven't written for a couple days or get weeks behind because of getting busy.  (you can subscribe by clicking the button that looks like the above in the right sidebar of my blog, or become a reader right above it where it lists my readers) i have found my reader to be like a bookmark of my favorite blogs to visit and i can read their new entries as i have a few spare moments.  i can delete the post update from my reader the ones i have already read and leave the ones i don't get a chance to read for later as my reminder.  i have really enjoyed it and i encourage you do do the same here.

about a month ago i added intense debate and comment luv to the comment section of my blog.  one thing i have liked about this is the ability to reply to particular comments right underneath the comment.  you as a commenter can subscribe to the replies to your comment or to all comments every time you comment, so if you ask me a question the answer i post will be sent to your email and you don't have to remember to come back and check and figure out what post it was on, did i comment yet, etc.  also, any other blog that has intense debate and comment luv, i can put a link to one of my 10 most recent posts under my comment, and other bloggers who comment on my blog with it can do the same.  this allows my readers to see what others are writing, and others readers to see what i am writing.  i have liked it a lot so far. 

i have chosen to stay with blogger as my blog provider at this point.  i had hinted that i was going to switch blog providers a few months ago, but i am going to wait on that for now and see how this goes and let you know if i choose to switch in the future, as at that point any followers and subscribers would have to resubscribe at the other site.  but right now, i am sticking with the ole blogger. 

oh, one more thing i added.  i added a counter for page views starting today.  it would have been fun to have that from day one and to have seen how many people have looked at this blog whether subscriber, follower, referred by a friend, or stumbled upon it by a google search.  i have looked at some of these stats on my own, but it is neat to have it on the page so everyone can see.  i like those weird little number things. 

okay, so not a deep post today, but do read my earlier posts my first veggie garden, today's inspiration, processing, getaway, take the time, unless, and fearless trust if you haven't yet, and comment where you feel like you have something to share.  i love feedback and it helps me grow as a writer as well as shares your insights and perspective with everyone else who reads this blog. 

thanks all!  you are fabulous readers!



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