Wednesday, March 17, 2010

take the time

this is kind of a funny picture to post on a day when it is forecast to be in the 80's, but i just love this picture.  it takes me back to the day that it was taken - my youngest son's birthday where my husband and i just spent the afternoon enjoying our kids and celebrating life.  it is of a beautiful bridge up where we live that just causes wonder in me every time i am there.

it is an image of beauty.  there is beauty like this all around me at many points of everyday, but i am often too busy with the urgent matters to stop and take it in.  i have read so many different people blog and write about the urgent vs. the important, so i know i am not alone in my often busy-ness.  i am blessed to be a stay at home mom with my kids, besides being involved in a young house of prayer and teaching music lessons on the side.  my temptation is very often to get things done.  i relish the moments that i take a time to stop and really look at what is around me.  i find beauty in my kids.  i find beauty in my home.  i find beauty in lovely sights and smells and tastes.  i find beauty in the beautiful small northern california city i live in.  i find beauty in the Word of God. 

as i am forced by the mechanic i am taking my car to for an oil change to set aside a priceless hour and a half of my day, i will determine to use it to reflect on the beauty that God has put around me.  He has given me so much and i take so little time to realize it and allow thankfulness to burst forth in my heart.  maybe this interruption to my day is a beauty in itself if i can just take the time to see it.

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