Monday, November 1, 2010

simple woman's daybook 11.1.10

for today:

outside my window... is sun!  after a week of gray skies and lots of rain, i welcome the blue sky and temperatures in the 70's back.  what a great start to november.

i am thinking...about the fact that there are less than 8 weeks until christmas.  yikes!  i know that we have entered the season that seems to be the fastest time of the year.  

i am thankful for... the sunshine.  i am hoping to get some good outdoor time today and enjoy the fresh air.

remembering... to stay present, take life one day at a time, and not get overwhelmed by the big picture.  sure, planning and goals are good, but sometimes it is just necessary to not look too far ahead and purpose to be present.  

from the learning seems to be full of learning. one of our teams at our house of prayer, the watch of the Lord, is starting an intense study of the book of isaiah using commentaries and all.  it is a bit intimidating for this busy mommy of 4, but i am so excited for what i will learn.  makes me feel like i am in college again.  

from the kitchen...i am feeling like i am in need of some new ideas for my weekly meal planning.  any suggestions that you have been enjoying?  i would love your ideas.

i am wearing... jeans... every time i write this it seems i am wearing jeans.  probably the same pair of jeans too.

i am creating...and yet, there are so many more things i would love to be working on than i am right now.  sometimes i wonder if i will ever get back into painting again.  oh, how i miss it!

i am going... to celebrate my nana's birthday tonight.  i love my nana.  she is an amazing woman who is constant, loving, funny, beautiful, and generous!  happy birthday yesterday nana!

i am reading...still in the book of deuteronomy in my Bible reading challenge, but i am almost finished with it.  i have made up some ground for the days i got behind!  deuteronomy is such a great read that it was easy to want to read more and catch up to where i should be to finish my goal on time.  can you believe i have already read almost 18% of the Bible and i am still in the 5th of 66 books?  that just amazes me!

i am hoping... that i am not getting sick.  i have that itching in the back of my throat and sinus drainage that either is telling me i am having allergies or fighting off something.  

i am hearing... my number 1 son talk to my mom on the phone.  now i am hearing my mom talk to me on the phone.  hi mom!

around the house... i don't even want to talk about it, i mean write about it.  seriously.  so glad you cannot see it right now.
one of my favorite things... are baby feet.  awwww.  if you haven't rubbed the bottom of a new baby's foot, you just have to try it.  they are so soft and completely free on callouses.  they are amazing.  addicting really.

pondering... some stuff i was studying today in the first chapter of the book of isaiah.  wow.  i think i am going to have to chew on it for a while before i can communicate it.  let me just tell you that this is going to be a great study and i am so glad we are doing it with our watch of the Lord team!

a few plans for the rest of the week: well, we will see.  a parent teacher conference with my number 1 son's teacher, teaching piano lessons tomorrow, some good house of prayer time, crocheting, and on and on.  oh, yeah, and working on this disaster of a house.  how does it fall apart so quickly and take so long to put back together?

picture for the day:
 myriah grubbs photography

my baby's toes... when he was much smaller than he is now though not that much younger really.

more of the simple woman's daybook.  

please feel free to add a link in the comments below to your own simple woman's (or man's) daybook as well as link up at the link above.  i would love to read yours as well! 



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