Monday, May 4, 2009


i came across an amazing website the weekend with the story of life! ever heard of a snowflake adoption? neither had i until i read doni brinkman's story on her website. she went through a struggle with infertility and learned of an amazing adoption process that actually allows frozen embryos a chance at life called snowflake adoption. check out this website to learn more about this amazing pro-life adoption option that allows the mommy to be to carry the baby in her for that amazing bond!

i would love to hear your comments on this! as i said, i had never heard of it before yesterday, so i am so amazed and excited about this miracle of life!



suzanne mogensen said...

I have heard of this kind of adoption. I had also heard that there were people who were trying to take the term "adoption" out of it, because of the embryo controversy. I'm glad to hear it is still seen as an "adoption".

charis said...

yeah, i read that some places like to call it donations, but others want to keep the word adoption. i guess when it is an adoption you can choose to keep it open if you would like, and also you can match up belief systems and such. i think it is amazing!

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