Saturday, November 14, 2009

lacking inspiration

sometimes i think that i need to be really inspired before i can post on my blog.  but not every moment is one of great inspiration.  we all have great moments of inspiration in life, but a lot of life is the mundane journey from the mountaintop to the next mountaintop.   i am someone who oftentimes overlooks the value of just the journey, especially when i am not particularly "feeling it."  but to even allow myself to dwell in the moments on no revelation, no inspiration, and no motivation, i am allowing myself to experience life.

it is a beautiful fall day.  fall is my favorite season of the year because i love all the colors, smells, and changes that fall encompasses.  fall also feels like the start of new things - the beginning of the year.  i should be outside enjoying the crisp fall weather, but i am not sure if i can muster up the motivation to just get out there to enjoy it.  maybe i will just end my blog today right here and go soak up some of the best season of the year. 



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