Wednesday, November 11, 2009

good news

there has been so much going on lately that i haven't been able to post some really good news here on my blog.  but here it is:  we are expecting our 4th baby! 

we are so excited.  i am not very far along yet, but thankfully have had very little nausea so far.  i have had so much other hard stuff going on unrelated to being pregnant that i am very thankful that i haven't had that on top of it all.  here is hoping that this will be my easiest pregnancy.  i have been sick quite a bit in the past pregnancies, so i am really really hoping that this is totally different, since the more kids i have to keep up with the harder it is to just feel terrible. 

since i am crossing the threshold of what i consider to be a large family, there will be many changes.  i welcome them.  i know God will continue to provide and make room for this little blessing.



Katie Riddle said...

Welcome to the 4 kids club. :) So happy for you!

Amy @ Increasingly Domestic said...

Congratulations!!! What wonderful news:)

Megan said...

Congrats! Four is such a wonderful number, we are trying for number four too! :)

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