Sunday, November 1, 2009

my dad's blog

i am filled with an awareness of the presence of God.  my heart feels warm and overwhelms the thoughts and worries of my head.  i am so thankful that God is good all the time.  Even when i struggle to see clearly i can always look back over my life and see the evidence of His goodness all over my life. 

my dad just started blogging.  it is really good.  he is both an very well educated professor, with a background in counseling, and a man of God who set a great foundation for me by his honesty, tenacity, and example in the faith.  (he is an amazing dad all around!)  he is an amazing writer.  he is the one who would edit all of my papers growing up and help me develop my own writing style.  he is full of wisdom and really a thinker who has a lot to share. 

i have told him for the past couple years i really think he should be writing because others should be able to benefit from what he has to share which i have benefited from all my life.  i want him to eventually write a book, but for now he started blogging and that makes me happy.  i encourage everyone to check his blog out.  i just read his recent entry on the peace that passes understanding.  there is no way i could write better on this subject.  take a couple minutes and go read it and let me know what you think.  i trust you be encouraged as well.  click here on

happy november!



jered said...

Consider me subscribed.

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