Sunday, April 11, 2010

links to favorite past posts

i was looking at all the people who now read my blog and i realized many of you have started reading in the past couple months and may or may not have had the opportunity to go through my archives and read some of my past posts.  i wanted to put links here to some of my favorite posts of the past that may encourage you where you are at right now. enjoy!  bookmark this one so you can come back and click through the links at your leisure, and feel free to email and share with friends who may be encouraged!  i write so i can share my journey and give what i have been given to others. 

note on commenting:  i went back and copied and pasted all my past comments from before i installed the intense debate commenting program that apparently hid them all.  (yes, this took me a couple hours.) unfortunately, that means the dates on those comments are all wrong, but they were posted right around when the blog was written.  i didn't know how to edit the dates when re-entering them in.    for those who want to comment and are still having a hard time with intense debate (which i am kinda regretting adding), you can comment as a guest by just typing in your comment and not worrying about where it has ways to log in.  Then, below, you can post the url of your blog or website and it should make your name (even a guest name that doesn't have an avatar by it) a hotlink to your site.  try it out and let me know if it works better for you.  so sorry that intense debate messed up some of my commenters.  i love the interaction with readers, so don't give up on trying to comment here.  hopefully i can get all these bugs smoothed out.  if only i was more techie!  then i would know better what to do.

master gardener - my second post on this blog.  i am always amazed how God speaks to me deep life lessons through nature again and again and again.  

life of faith - written a year ago about this crazy journey the Lord has had us on the past year... God has been so good to us though it has been the adventure of a lifetime!

His eye is on the sparrow - a follow up to life of faith six months later.

i have a couple posts on fasting:  fasting 1  and fasting 2

humility is a post i wrote on the character of Jesus that just fascinates me - He referred to His humility more than any other character trait when talking about Himself.  there is gold for us to get when we study what He said was important about Himself.

a vision for fullness of joy - more on humility, but moreso on how it relates to our personal lives and how it can open up doors of joy we would never know apart from it.

psalms 27 is one of my favorite chapters of the whole bible and i have a couple posts on it:  psalm 27, i believe, fearless trust, unless

if - a post about revival and what it takes to see it really happen.

a post about abortion:  open your mouth for the mute

words, words, words - challenging thoughts about how we use our mouths.

a couple posts on a common theme of mine these days: hope!  - hopetherefore i have hope, unless

this i know - confidence that God cares for us.

a heart that is alive - simple steps to contemplative prayer - demystifying the mystical.

don't give up - a reminder i need often.

it's all a part of the journey - the raw emotions and turning to the Lord

an apologetic of sorts - why i believe what i believe



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