Saturday, April 10, 2010

random thoughts

random thoughts:

i love color.  if you were to venture into my home, you would see color everywhere.  every room is painted a different color.  i am blessed to have a mom who is an interior designer with color being her specialty.  i felt confident to experiment with color on our walls when we bought our house without holding back because she had all the paint custom mixed so all the colors "go" together.  people pay good money for that freedom to express themselves with color.   i got it as a birthright.

this is my favorite mug.  my husband got it for me several years back as a gift, and i think it personifies me in mug form.  bright, cheerful, and full of life, yet with a delicate girlie curly side.  it is always the mug i reach for when all the mugs are clean. 

spring is a love/hate season for me.  i love the new life seen everywhere around me.  i love the colors that spring forth after a pretty drab winter.  i love the motivation it brings to me to clean, plant, get outdoors, dream...  it is also the season i have the most allergy problems.  so the love of the outdoors is always mixed for me with the price i know i will pay after spending time out in pollen and over fragrant flowers and blossoms that make me sneeze, have watery itchy eyes, and often a headache.

my oldest son had a sleepover at a friend's house last night.  it feels very empty here without him.  we have never had just one of them gone overnight, and the house just seems quieter and lonelier without him.  the other two are doing great and playing and having fun, but my heart is aware that there is someone missing.  i guess that is part of being a mom.  it makes me look forward to this next baby being born and being an important piece of our family puzzle.

garden update:  i love all the advice people gave on time for my first veggie garden or where kind to message me on facebook.  i have been researching and learning soooo much.  i am amazed how much there is to learn.  we tilled our section of the garden a couple days ago, and by we i mean my husband hand tilled our section of the garden.  i told him that i now know why i married him: he will till my garden for me.  he called me a patient woman to wait 8 years to find that out.  my little seeds are just barely beginning to sprout in my window.  i am so excited for when we can get them in the ground!  i am officially a gardener! speaking of gardening, this makes me think of the second blog post i ever wrote on here that many of you may have never had a chance to read.  it is called the master gardener.  i love how God speaks to me regularly through His creation around me.

i am about to venture outside.  i am willing to pay the price for some fresh air, sunshine, spring inspiration, and color.  i love color.



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