Saturday, September 18, 2010

100th post!

my 100th post on this blog!  wow!  thank you so much to those of you who take time out of your busy lives to read the things i write here.  i am so honored and humbled by your attention to my ramblings on the page working out the things in my heart.  thank you for each of your comments.   i know it takes time and energy to write out a comment.  i really appreciate it.

update on my challenge:

well, i have had several of you respond either on my challenge post or privately message me that you wanted to join me on the Bible reading challenge.  here is my personal update:  i decided that the best way for me to approach a cover to cover read of the Bible was to have a companion to my reading.  i decided upon using unlocking the Bible, by david pawson.  

so far, so good.  it is a concise overview of each book of the Bible and opening up my eyes to what i am actually reading.  david pawson reminded me that all the Word of God is inspired by Him, and He has a reason for everything that is included.  Jesus said Himself when talking to the 2 disciples on the road to emmaus that all the law and the prophets spoke of Him.  (luke 24:13-29)  i am seeking to find Him, to really encounter Him in a fresh and new way as i read through the Word this time. 

i just finished up reading genesis tonight.  i must admit that i got behind in my 3 chapters a day goal.  there have been several days that i did not get my 3 chapters in.  i know that i must not quit, but start where i left off the next morning and try my best to get the 3 chapters in that day.  even if i end up getting through it a bit slower than the 1 year goal, i still will have got through the whole thing in a straight shot.  that is worth so much more than doing something perfectly.  how are you doing if you took the challenge?  what book/chapter are you currently on?  what is grabbing you and encouraging you as you read?

the story in genesis that grabbed my attention so dramatically this time reading it was the story of joseph.  what a righteous man!  there is nothing negative said of his character, though every other main character in the book of genesis had major character flaws.  he is said to be a shadow of Jesus to come.  having that in mind in reading the story, it hit me on a whole new level to read of the incredible level of forgiveness and tenderness he walked in concerning his brothers and being sold as a slave only to become a prisoner before becoming the most powerful man in egypt.  it said he wept so loudly when he told his brothers his true identity that everyone all around could hear him.  he saw the hand of God even in his worst trials and betrayals of those closest to him.  he wasn't wrapped up in the offense of how they really did wrong him.  he could see that what they meant for evil, God meant for good to preserve many many lives.  wow.  i have so much growing to do in humility before i get to the place where he was.  i am so challenged and yet overwhelmed by love that this is the very way Jesus responded to our rejection of Him.  we killed Him, and He offered us eternal life if we would just believe on Him.  

i am sitting at the watch during a devotional set, with only 12% left on my computer battery, so that is all for now.  again, thank you to each and every one of you who visit my blog.  i am truly blessed by you.  you have encouraged me to obey what the Lord told me to do: write!  



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