Monday, September 27, 2010

5 things i am thankful for today

i wrote a past blog post about why i like to take the time to list what i am thankful for.  i think i would like to take time every week/every couple of weeks to make a thankful list on this blog and i invite you to either do the same in a comment below or do so on your blog and put the link to it in a comment below.  it is so valuable to our perspective on life to cultivate hearts of thankfulness!  plus, it is one way we worship God by offering a sacrifice of thanksgiving.

my thankful list

1.  provision!!!!  this past week we have seen 5 specific times God has provided unexpected money and it has literally been what is getting us through to the end of the month.  we were able to pay late bills, put gas in the car, put groceries in the fridge, and even go on a $5 coffee date.  i am so thankful for the Lord's provision and for people who are sensitive to His leading.  He always provides through other people - it is one way He is committed to partnering with us to accomplish His will in each others lives.

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2.  homemade bread.  we have been making homemade whole wheat bread almost every week for the past couple years.  it saves us money and it absolutely amazing straight out of the oven.  almost every week at least a half a loaf is devoured while still hot, making it necessary to make 2 or 3 loaves so we have bread for lunches.

3.  plenty of clothes for my children.  it sounds kinda silly maybe, but one way i keep a good attitude while doing the endless amounts of laundry for a family of 6 is to continually tell God how thankful i am that He has provided clothes for my kids to wear.  lots of clothes.  cute clothes.  i am honestly thankful even when it means i have to clean, fold, and hang up those clothes. 

4.  free babysitting!  this is a big one for us.  we have been blessed to live close to family and also have great friends that we really trust with our kids who have been willing to watch our kids time to time.  we have never had to pay for babysitting yet, which with 4 kids is a miracle.  it has always been important to me that our kids are with one of the two of us the majority of the time and we have worked really hard at arranging our schedules to make this a priority.  but when they do need to be watched for some reason (date night, we both teach music lessons in the afternoon on tuesdays, and other random occasions we may need to be kidless), i want them with people who love them like i do and who i trust to care for them.  those of you who live far from family know how blessed i am to have this free babysitting in my life.

5.  my hubby took my oldest to school today so i could get a little bit of extra sleep and not have to do the 40 minute round trip this morning.  awwwwwww, it was so nice to stay home! 

what are you thankful for today?



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