Friday, October 1, 2010

life captured

                                          used with permisson by myriah grubbs photography

used with permission by myriah grubbs photography

for your weekend enjoyment - take a look at my amazing family/maternity pictures and my sweet simeon's newborn pictures, both by my talented sister (in law) myriah.  (did i ever mention that my sister and i schemed and picked her out for my brother to marry without him knowing?  yes, we take full credit for her entry into our family.)  

what better gift than to have these memories to keep forever and in such an artistic way.  i am so in love with the piano shot, i don't know what to do with myself.  as i look at simeon's huge chubby 2 month self, it is hard to believe he was really that small once or that he ever fit into my belly!  thank you myriah!  i cannot begin to express how priceless these are and how much they capture my life and love and boys.  

enjoy friends and leave comments.  you know i love to hear from you.  

have a great weekend!  happy october!



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