Saturday, December 4, 2010

simple woman's daybook 12.4.10

for today:

outside my window...there are leaves all over the ground and still falling off the trees.  we have great big shade trees that help with our energy costs in the summer, but are a bear to clean up after in the fall!

i am thinking...about how much i have to be thankful for.  God is always faithful, even when i am lacking in faith. 

i am thankful for... the peace that passes understanding.  i was struggling with anxiety the past couple months and i asked a group of ladies i meet with for prayer.  i have felt their prayers because circumstances haven't changed all that much, but i can feel the peace of God instead of being overwhelmed with the circumstances that are staring in my face.

remembering... to be thankful.  there is always something i can be thankful for.  God is so good to me.  He has never failed me.  i will be able to look back when i am very very old and have lived a long full life and say, He was always faithful.  He never failed me.  He is always good. 

from the learning rooms... i got to chaperon a field trip for asher's class at school this week.  it was so good to be with him all day and get to be a part of his school day.  i felt like we were needing a connecting time and we definitely got a good one this week.  i enjoy my oldest son so much.  

from the kitchen... i have been in full on fall comfort food cooking/baking mood!  we have had soups galore and i made the yummiest mushroom risotto with homemade turkey stock!  yum!  i have been in the apple crisp, blackberry crisp, and snickerdoodle mood... and yummy warm starbucks espresso roast with half and half or rooibos tea with local organic honey... well let's just say that we are keeping warm with what we are eating and drinking!

i am wearing... jammies right now.  that is right.  comfort is the key.

i am creating... christmas presents!  i am trying to do a large part homemade this year... partly for budget, partly for creativity, and partly because i want to be thoughtful and not just buy the same old things i have in the past.  no, it will not be an all homemade christmas, but moreso than i have ever done in the past.  it is really fun!

i am going... to my sweet niece havyn's 3rd birthday.  i love that quirky cutie!  can't believe she is getting so old. 

i am reading...2nd samuel in my Bible reading challenge!  it has been a while since i updated you all and i am still sticking with it, though i had a very sick spell recently that put me about 10 days behind again!  i am slowing catching up and am currently about 7 days behind where i would like to be.  but, i am loving it!  how are you doing in your Bible reading?  i am sure enjoying reading about the life of king david again.  oh, how i should write a post about all the fun stuff i am learning and enjoying in this read through of the Bible.  soon, i hope i will soon!

i am hoping... that my kiddos are totally well soon!  they got hit this week with feverish sickness and i am ready for this thing to get out of our house!

i am hearing... christmas music.  oh, how i love christmas music.  i am not talking santa songs, though they are alright, but i am talking songs like coventry carol, hark the herald angels sing, o holy night, ave maria, and songs like that!  oh, how it moves my heart!  i just feel like the power of Jesus actually coming to bring us salvation and God becoming man... wow.  there is so much gospel message in these songs sung every year. 

around the house... we are fully decorated!  we got everything done the two days after thanksgiving.  so, i am blogging while i am looking at a lit tree, we have our lights on the house outside, and nativities adorning our piano, mantle, and any flat surface in our living room.  i am loving it.  
one of my favorite things... is just realizing that this is a time of year that i am to take time from the busyness and to really meditate on the incarnation of Christ.  i mean, yes, i want to get all my gifts finished, wrapped, and i still need to figure out how we are going to make ends meet this month because we live completely on cash and we had some unexpected expenses come up recently in addition to regular bills and christmas expenses.  but... what is this time of year for?  stress over money?  no.   i think it is for reflection on the amazing gift that God gave us in becoming one of us so that He could be the perfect mediator between God and man.  in paying the price for our sin, He came to do it and Jesus forever will be in the form of a human... "only God could do it, and only man should do it," is a quote from allen hood (from the kansas city international house of prayer) in talking about the mediation in Christ between God and man and paying the price for sin.  i agree with c. s. lewis in his book miracles that God becoming a man is the greatest miracle that ever was and ever will be.  the incarnation is absolutely one of my favorite things.

pondering... philippians 4:6-7:  be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.  and the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

a few plans for the rest of the week: since it is the weekend, those of us in my house who are well will be celebrating my niece's birthday, then hanging out just as a family for the weekend.  hopefully going to church with a healthy family of kids is in store for sunday and time over with my parents and my siblings and their families seems to be something we really enjoy... so may we all be well enough to do it!  no matter what, we will all be together.

picture for the day:

me and my thumb sucker up getting our christmas tree.  picture is compliments of my great sister who always documents me being at events.  i try to return the favor. 

more of the simple woman's daybook.  

please feel free to add a link in the comments below to your own simple woman's (or man's) daybook as well as link up at the link above.  i would love to read yours as well! 



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