Tuesday, December 21, 2010

a social media christmas

i was reading a friend of mine's blog (she has a great sense of humor, so i love to frequently read her little stories about life for a good laugh) and she had a link to a really cool video ignitermedia.com created about the christmas story of Jesus' birth as if it was during the social media era we live in.  i decided to put the video below so all of you could enjoy what my husband and i enjoyed watching last night.  at first i thought, oh how cute.  by the end i had tears in my eyes.  it was just one more reminder to me that this isn't just a story.  this is real and Jesus really came as a baby to be Emmanuel - God with us.

merry christmas!  may the truth of the story of christmas hit your heart in a new way as well!

have you had a renewed revelation of the reality of the christmas story this year?  what has gripped your heart in a new way this year while celebrating the christmas season? 

please share in the comments below.



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