Friday, January 7, 2011

reflections to prepare for the new year

i have taken some times off for the holidays and have had a great time of rest.  how about you?  did you take time, in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of the season, to rest and reflect so you would be ready for new things ahead?  

i took time to write down in my journal my reflections on 2010  using some reflection prompts i got from the blog simple mom.  if you haven't taken the time yet to reflect on last year i highly recommend you take a little time to think about the highs, the lows, what you learned, what you experienced... i find whenever i do this i can find a common theme to my year and see how much God was involved in all the year entailed.  this past year was one that was full of stretching, emotional highs and lows, and a new understanding of what hope is.  (not to mention that amazingly cute baby boy above was born and filled our home with a new level of laughter and joy.)

as you get ready to meet 2011 with high expectations, maybe some anxiety, and hopefully vision, i want to encourage you to rest.  i will leave you with a quote from my wise husband:

the american dream and God's plan for you are in opposition to one another. the american dream will tolerate work to achieve rest (leisure, entertainment, etc.) God's plan for you is that you would be willing to rest so that you could be more fruitful and creative in your co-laboring with Him.  is inactivity your goal or a tool unto productivity? at the end of your life this question will matter immensely to you!

i encourage you to rest if you haven't so that you can be ready to do all that He has for you in 2011.  may this new year be a blessed one for you!

how would you describe this past year for you?  what is one thing you have learned?



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