Monday, January 10, 2011

simple woman's daybook 1.10.11

for today:

outside my window... it is a clear crisp day.  i planned on taking a walk with a friend this morning bright and early, but we are rescheduling for this afternoon hoping that it is a tad warmer and the sun being higher in the sky will help it feel warmer.  we have all the leaves off our front lawn, which if you saw the size of our tree out front is quite the accomplishment this early into january.  now we have just to tackle the leaves in the backyard.  to give you an idea of the task of leaves we have, we fill two green waste carts a week and usually don't finish until a week or so before the next big dump of leaves the following fall.  we get soooo many leaves. but those trees do help our energy bill in the summer and keep our house way cooler and for that i am thankful.

i am thinking... about all the reorganization i have to do.  i would call it spring cleaning, but it is the just the beginning of january.  maybe it is the after christmas organizing rush?  are you feeling it as well or is it just me?

i am thankful for... the simple thing of my kids growing up.  so often i bemoan the fact that they are growing up too quickly.  but lately i have been reminded of something my dad always says... "getting old is better than the alternative."  i would much rather feel like my kids are growing up too quickly than miss out on the chance to see them grow up and i know i am extremely blessed to get to experience this.  i both have friends who have lost children and my two teenage cousins died on new year's eve when i was 14 (they were only 13 and 16 themselves).  the only two sons of my aunt and uncle, it was a tremendous hit.  it rocked my life more than almost anything else before or after, but now as a parent it hits me on a whole new level.  i am thankful for each day i have with my 4 boys because i know we are not guaranteed more than today.  it is an honor to watch them grow up and try the best i can to steward their lives while they are here.  i am so thankful for that honor.

remembering... to live each day with intention.  this is so much easier said than done, but it is my focus for 2011 and really for the rest of my life.  some days i will fail, but i try to keep it in the forefront of my mind.

from the learning rooms... i am more intentionally working with my number 3 son on his letters.  although he isn't quite three, he is extremely interested and loves to read, so i figure go with it, right?  with both his brothers reading by age four, he has quite the motivation to learn so he can keep up.  it is fun to start working with him.  i am so glad that i got that teaching credential, even if it only makes me a better mom.

from the kitchen... it is fully soup season in our house.  do you have any good soups i should know about?

i am wearing... an old american eagle sweatshirt my sister gave me years ago as a hand-me-down, jeans, skechers sneakers (i am about to head out the door), and a crocheted slouch hat my friend jenn gave me as a christmas gift (since i didn't wash my hair this morning).  it is a comfy sort of day.

i am creating... and creating and creating.  i actually am loving this chance to explore my creativity.  my sister put the thought in my head to start an etsy shop and i am toying with this idea for a future date.  right now i am exploring what i could make that would be worth selling.  i am having so much fun figuring out how to make things and learning.  i think i knit and crochet like i cook - i never can quite follow a recipe or make a dish the same way twice.  i love to experiment!

i am going... to starbucks in a few minutes to work on my isaiah study.  so far it is going so good!  i am about to start chapter 9 and i am learning so much.  i was quite intimidated to do it to be quite honest, but i am so glad i joined my husband's worship team in this study for the next year.  God has been revealing to me so much about His character and His goodness and i am sure what i learn will fuel many blog post in the future.   

i am reading... 2nd chronicles in my Bible reading challenge!  would you believe that i am completely caught up?  i can't really believe it myself!  i spent christmas time reading extra chapters on my iphone (haha, i would have never imagined that i would enjoy reading my Bible on my phone!) and i am actually current.  i have almost read 40% of the Bible straight through.  how are you doing in your Bible reading? i know some started the challenge with me back in august and others are starting their own challenge with the new year.  i would love to hear about what you are reading and what you are learning.

i am hoping... we get no more sickness in our house.  oh goodness.  besides all the other stuff we have had go through our house, we had a nasty case of the stomach flu this past week.  let's just say i had not too pleasant flashbacks of being pregnant and am so glad to be feeling better. 

i am husband play the piano.  it seems there is always music in our house, and usually it is someone singing or playing an instrument.  i love it.

around the house... we are almost fully undecorated.  i have two nativities still to take down and i think i will get to that later today.  though i love the decorations at christmas time, i also love putting them all away and getting a little extra space in a small house.
one of my favorite things... is closure.  the end of one season... the start of another.  i love when things end well and hate when things are left hanging or unresolved.  

pondering... change.  transition.  finding my place.  tension.  having to chose between two very good things.  i have always not wanted to miss out on anything, so having to make choices has always be difficult.  i am learning to choose and that my choices are okay.  seasons.  what season am i in right now?  that is the question i must answer for myself.

a few plans for the rest of the week: so much... asking me that question on a monday morning just isn't quite fair.

picture for the day:
don't you love the shirt my sister got me for christmas?!
more of the simple woman's daybook.  

please feel free to add a link in the comments below to your own simple woman's (or man's) daybook as well as link up at the link above.  i would love to read yours as well! 



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