Friday, January 28, 2011

a whole handful

this is taken out for special occasions.  tomorrow just happens to be a very special occasion.  uriah is turning five!

i cannot believe that my special psalm 27 boy will be a whole handful.  fearless wonder.  intense lover.  crier of crocodile tears.  gold medal winner of jog-a-thon by lapping the silver medalist twice.  owner of the longest eyelashes known to man.  owner of dirt stained knees and permanently bare feet.  it seems like just yesterday i was shocked to be having a january baby instead of the awaited february baby... and was greeted with the biggest pouty lip and highest pitch soft mouse-like cry.  there was laughter in the room while you were being born.  you were my only birth with laughter.  there is something amazingly special about you and you will always be mommy's boy.

okay, enough of the sweet talk about my sweet child.  did i ever tell you about our conversation the other night?  well, two different nights, but same topic.  we were talking about purity and why as boys there will be temptations thrown at them as they grow up to not be pure, but how important it was to save themselves and their eyes for their wife alone.  after a long simple explanation about the value of purity, we asked if they had any questions and that there was nothing they had to be embarrassed or afraid to talk to us about.  uriah sheepishly smiled and said he had a question.  how will i meet my wife?  i don't even know who she is.  and where will i get her the rings when i meet her?  how will i find them?  i assured him i would help him go to the store to find the rings.

a couple nights later we were eating at the dinner table and discussing why as boys they needed to not shovel food in their mouths as if it was a scarcity and to chew with their mouth closed.  i explained to them that someday they would meet that special someone that they would want to marry, and when they took her out on a date she would be disgusted by them chopping with their mouths open and eating like a wild animal.  uriah asked in a quite voice, but how am i going to meet her?  i'm shy.  would you help me find her mama?  aw... mama's heart was warmed.

for this special boy i made a family birthday cake that happens to totally not be good for you... has more sugar than i thought possible in a cake, but tastes so good it is worthy of a birthday.  we are taking the cake to his class today so he can celebrate with his little pre-k friends.

i used none other than my grandma's cookbook that she made and dedicated to us grandkids.  yes, that is her handwriting.  amazing, isn't it?  yes, that is original watercolor done by her as well.  each recipe is accompanied by a watercolor flower.  she is so amazing.  you can buy one for yourself too!  she donates 100% of the profit (anything besides the actual cost of printing the cookbook) to ministry to the homeless in san francisco.

 butter... cocoa... sugar... mmmmm good.

mix, mix, mix, mix... 


bake for 40 minutes.  what did i do during those quiet 40 minutes of kids sleeping and cake baking?  blog of course.

and done.  i hope it tastes good for how not good it is for me.  well, i only get to celebrate uriah turning five once.  and he is going to let me pick out his wife.  this is a kid worthy of a great celebration.


happy birthday uriah jaden.  i love you with all my heart.



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