Monday, September 5, 2011

coming next april...

 photo by Amaury Henderick

besides the fact that life has been busy with summer ending and school starting, i have a big reason for why i haven't been blogging much lately.  well, right now that reason is only the size of a green olive, but it is making a big impact on our lives.

we are having another baby!

i know some people may think we are crazy to have 5 kids, to venture into life as a family of 7, but we feel so blessed that the Lord would entrust us with another of His little ones to steward and nurture and teach about Him.  so very blessed.  i admit that having 5 kids in 8 years sounds crazy even to me!  i have figured out that i will be about 36 weeks pregnant on our 10 year anniversary... now that throws a kink in a 10 year getaway doesn't it?  i am thinking we will need to celebrate at 11 years like it was our 10 year.

i also feel blessed that so far this has been my best pregnancy.  pregnancy and i do not get along well.  with simeon i was throwing up for 24 of the 40 weeks - 6 months folks.  i ended up having other not so fun issues as well.  each and every one of my pregnancies i have been terribly sick for a long time. 

but this time it has been quite manage-able.  sure there has been nausea, but it seems like i can settle it down by eating.  other pregnancies i would eat and throw up anyway. 

so, i have been told 5 is a number of grace.  maybe this is my grace pregnancy?  that sounds awesome to me!  regardless of the reasons why, i have had extra grace this time around and i am so thankful. there are so many people who have been praying for me and i can feel it. 

i will be still be blogging from time to time, especially in sharing what i am thankful for because even with feeling much better i am feeling the need to focus on keeping my heart thankful with surging hormones messing with my emotions.  for the next couple weeks i am mainly focusing on resting and keeping this body healthy so that the rest of my pregnancy can go well.  i am hoping to get the 2nd trimester boost in about a month.  who know... maybe then i will blog more than ever before because of extra energy?! (perhaps wishful thinking, but that would be awesome!)

thank you for hanging with me as i embark on yet another great adventure. 

317 - 333:

317. the free tickets to the san francisco giants game that bill got for coaching t-ball and that he got to take all 3 of our older boys!

318. the awkward nature of transition.

319. my fully walking baby boy.

320. fresh peaches from farmer's market.

321. the wonderful school that asher and uriah are blessed to attend.

322. great trips down to fremont to visit convergence house of prayer.

323. air conditioning and shade trees on hot august days.

324. surprises.

325. our new baby who is expected to make an arrival sometime in the middle of april!

326. sleep.  can't seem to get enough of it these days.

327. an amazing, supportive, patient, helpful husband who is helping me get through this pregnancy each day.

328. a new piano student who seems like a great fit.

329. chickens who are laying eggs every day now.

330. my amazing, supportive, caring family.

331. the faithful provision of the Lord day by day.

332. that He is a rewarder of the things unseen.

333. having all the kids home this holiday morning.

i am linked up at a holy experience.

any new adventures going on with any of you?

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