Friday, May 4, 2012

mostly human

word for the day: real


my head hurts from allergies.  i didn't sleep well last night due to a sweet nursing baby.  i look around a messy dirty living room and feel overwhelmed.

everything inside of me feels ready to scream.  i easily can blame the angst on my circumstances.  if only...

if only i didn't have a headache.  if only i had a full night sleep and was well rested.  if only i had a clean house.

then i would feel different inside.  right?

it is so easy to blame the circumstances.  in the ideal world, i would always feel right, always think right, always respond right.

but what if this way i am swirling inside is how i really am?

what if my ideal self in the ideal circumstances isn't reality, but the brokenness i experience when all the props are taken away is what is real?

what a sobering thought. 

no wonder i need to lean on my Beloved. 

for if it was all up to me and the strength, or lack of it, inside i would not be a fun person to be around.  most. of. the. time.

the world wants to tell us we are mostly together, mostly great people, most of the time.

what is reality is we are mostly broken, mostly selfish, mostly human all of the time.

and we have a big blaring need for Him to encounter our broken hearts every day.


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