Friday, May 24, 2013

it all depends on your point of view

word for the day:  view


it was breath-taking. really. and as i looked at the water rushing down, out of the side of that jagged rock, i wondered on God's creation.

the roar of Your waterfalls... as deep cries out to deep...

that roar reverberated inside, like the soul's response to the vibrations of a tuning fork. i can feel His voice in the rushing roar. i can drink in His beauty with wonder at the details in His creation.

when He told moses to strike the rock and the water would pour forth... then He told him to speak to the rock and water would spill out... did it happen to look at all like this view?

i see beauty spill forth from the cracks in the rock, and He sees beauty spill forth from the cracks in my heart. what we see as broken, He sees as opportunity for beauty - for His creation to vibrate to the rhythms of His roar.

i guess it all depends on whose point of view you are looking from - ours or His.

and though i seem to think myself the expert on my life and my heart, perhaps i should trust the Creator to bring forth the rushing waters if He sees it fit.


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