Monday, February 7, 2011

simple woman's daybook 2.7.11

for today:

outside my window... is a ridiculously beautiful day!  hello??!!  it is the start of february.  it is winter.  it has been in the seventies for the past couple weeks.  i am not complaining, but it is rather strange even for california.

i am thinking...about how to be a better blogger.  my sister just gave me tons of advice on how to improve... why didn't i ask her like two years ago??!!  these ideas are rocking my world!

i am thankful for... peace in knowing what this season of my life is supposed to be about.  do you ever feel uneasy when you are unsure of what you are supposed to be focusing on in the current season?  i sure do.  just the fact that i know my focus right now is supposed to be on primarily being a mom.  knowing that everything else, even our ministry, is supposed to come second right now brings me so much freedom and so much peace!

remembering... how much i love to sing and worship God.  

from the learning rooms... i have to little goal... okay, little is majorly an understatement.  every since someone gave us homemade knit baby socks when simeon was born, i have been obsessed with the idea of knitting baby socks.  the problem is i am a self-taught, extremely novice knitter.  so... i am working on specific knitting skills i will need to conquer the goal of making socks.  the current skill i am learning is how to do ribbing.  my picture for the day is my current progress on this knitting skill.  the next skill i need is how to fix a knitting mistake without having to completely start over!  at this point whenever i make a mistake i have to take it all out and begin again!  my patience is majorly being refined. 

from the kitchen... i am back to meal planning - saves money and gives us some planned variety in what we are eating.  has anyone else tried stretching taco meat by adding lentils to the ground beef?  genius idea i tell you!  (not my own.)  my kids didn't even notice because it blended so well.

i am wearing... jammies.  it is monday morning.  i promise i will get dressed as soon as i am done blogging.

i am creating... a new song.  have i ever told you that a dream of mine is to record a cd with all original songs?  if i haven't, i am telling you now.  someday i would love to have a link to download my music here so you all can hear what i love to do.  until then... you will have to come to somewhere i am leading worship to get a taste of what i write. 

i am going... to grocery shop today.  i don't have time for all the stops i would like to make, so i am trying to decide: tackle costco or do the normal grocery store stuff first? 

i am reading... psalms in my Bible reading challenge!  i am so excited to be in my favorite book!  fact:  i spent two years only reading the book of psalms over and over again.  the love of the book of psalms goes hand in hand with my love to worship God with singing.  the psalms are so easy to sing to God!  sometimes when i am leading a devotional set in the house of prayer i will just open my Bible to a psalm and start to sing.  it always brings so much life to my soul.  i just love it.

i am finish the last part of my new song this week.  sometimes as a song writer i will have an amazing verse and chorus and then get stuck on that finishing element of a bridge or a tag.  i guess this is why people co-write. 

i am hearing... the musical presents my mom got the kids for their birthdays.  in this house of musicians, there is always music. 

around the house... i am into the organizing thing.  it isn't as much a new year's resolution thing as it is the early spring weather thing.  i feel the spring cleaning bug big time.  since i have been pregnant and/or nursing for the past almost 8 years, i am way behind in a lot of the normal organizing and need to majorly play catch up. 
one of my favorite things... is hearing my kids sing.  hearing little voices worshiping God is just the best thing to bring a smile to my face. 

pondering... what to do about the kids' education next year.  i love the school they are in right now, but we try to take one year at a time and make a decision just for that year, and not have the pressure of deciding the education for the rest of their lives.  so... what does this next year entail?

a few plans for the rest of the week: we have one more birthday this week, so i will be making another amazing fudge brownie cake.  i will also be working on:  finishing my song, knitting the ribbed scarf to prepare for socks, organizing a hall closet that became our catch all for things that had no place, working on my isaiah Bible study, laundry, grocery shopping, leading worship at an amazing mom's group i go to called raising tomorrow's leaders, hopefully going to a prayer set for the watch of the Lord, and spending some time enjoying my kids.  did i forget anything??? 

picture for the day:

more of the simple woman's daybook.

please feel free to add a link in the comments below to your own simple woman's (or man's) daybook as well as link up at the link above.  i would love to read yours as well!



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