Friday, February 4, 2011



i kept seeing these numbers again and again during my pregnancy with my number 3 son.


what did they mean?  i did not know, but i would see them over and over again.

well, my number 3 son has an interesting story about his birth.  we were starting the house of prayer in redding and our very first worship and prayer set was going to be on a friday night in january.  my parents volunteered to watch my older two boys while they slept... the set was very late at night... and my husband and i went to pray and worship.  as i played the keyboard i started having contractions so hard i would have to stop singing.  i started having them so often i started to cry and stopped playing.  i motioned over to my husband, who was playing guitar, that this very well may be the night our number 3 son was to be born.  we found another member of our team to replace us as worship leading the set, and off we went to my parents' house in preparation for a possible baby.

no, david did not come that night, as i prayed through 4 hours of contractions at my parents' house that he would wait.  but if it were up to david, he wanted to come and join us in starting the house of prayer in redding.

just like his namesake, he has always been a little worshiping warrior.  mama and dada put our hands to helping rebuild the tabernacle of david... and our own david wanted to come out early to join our efforts.

oh david!  you were in a hurry to join our family weren't you?

david not only tried to join us early that night, but he came as our only surprise baby of our four... about 3 years before we were planning on another baby.

david!  you knew God had a purpose for you to come when you did.  you knew that you had destiny.  this was the time.  mama did not see it, but God did.  you did.  you knew you were a house of prayer baby... bringing the prophesy of your name with you.

beloved.  the Lord strengthens.

david ezekiel.

your name literally means beloved, the Lord strengthens.

oh david, that is who you are!  if anyone was a living prophesy of his name, it is you.

as i asked the Lord about my number 3 baby while he was still in my womb, as i did so often with all my babies, i heard Him clearly say:  destiny.  this baby is My treasure.

this meant something to me.  you see... this baby came before i thought i was ready for another baby.  but the Lord knew i needed him.  the Lord knew his specific destiny.  the Lord was shouting to me, this baby is MY treasure.

my beloved son in whom i am well pleased.

so 10 days later... 10 days after david tried to come join our very first house of prayer worship set at bethel church, our david really did arrive at 12:34 on 2.4.08


destiny.  this baby is My treasure.

david, you were my only baby where my water broke at home.  i was talking to your pa on the phone and it was so surreal, just like the movies!  i called to your dada and said, i think my water broke!  he didn't believe me at first and questioned how i knew.  it was night time.  your brothers were in bed and one of them was sick.  good thing uncle kurt and aunt heather were there to play cards with us because they became last minute babysitters.  we were not ready for you to come, but God was always ready with a plan.

david, i am so glad you waited those 10 days because God was protecting you from a very bad virus your brother uriah had.  God knew uriah needed a few more days of being mama's baby because of the seizures he would have from his high fevers.  God knew you needed to be protected for a few more days.  so He answered my prayer and kept you in a little bit longer.

but david, when my water broke, you were waiting no more.  we had you only 40 minutes after we got to the hospital.  we only live 5 minutes from the hospital.  it was not even quite 2 hours after i started labor.  david you were in a hurry to meet your mama.  dada will always remember the sound of the doctor's sneakers running down the labor and delivery hall to try to get there to catch you!  my fastest labor, delivery, and biggest baby delivered sunny-side up in one push at 9 pounds 11 ounces though 5 days (well, 4 because you held out for just after midnight) early!

oh david!  your mama did not smile for more than an hour after you were born.  i was so happy for you to be here, but i hurt so badly.  your birth was unbelievable.  your birth may have been my fastest, but in so many ways you were my most painful.  but never fear david, for in the pain of life the Lord has promise:  beloved.  the Lord strengthens.

you are the perfect fit for our family.  the Lord knew what He was doing.  you were my easiest baby among 4 amazing babies.  you slept in my sling while i led worship during prayer sets at the watch.  you slept in a nest of blankets on the stage next to my keyboard as i led worship as you got older.  you were in the house of prayer from day one.  you are my worshiping warrior.  God will use you mightily david and you will be zealous for Him as a youth.  He promised me this about you.  He has His hand on you and you have destiny for being here.

you are His treasure.

you are my treasure my beloved son.  i am so glad God knew better than i did and that He gave you to me when He did.  you have made me a better person by being your mama.  i love you more than life.  i would give my life for you.  thank you for being my friend.

you will always be my beloved son in whom i am well pleased.



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