Thursday, July 21, 2011

want to know what i have been reading?

so, if you are anything like me you probably wonder what other people are reading that they are really enjoying.  there is no reason to keep it a secret when we read something worthwhile.  so, though it is long overdue, i am once again posting my own...

reading recommendations:

look up: lessons i learned from kyle - this is written by a friend who is on staff at our house of prayer here in redding.  i personally was struggling with major freak out mode yesterday and then read this post this morning and felt the thoughts, "charis, what are you doing freaking out?" this is worth the read and the reminder.

how to love God with all your mind - this is written by my uncle who is the director of convergence house of prayer in fremont, ca.  i have been thinking about this since i read it and the tozer quote he includes is really shifting my perspective... i am already thinking of ways i can use the quote in something i write!

memorize - this is written by a college friend who i got back in contact with through beloved facebook (isn't that how we all find our old college friends?)  her blog is very inspiring, so i would encourage you to take a look through her archives after you read this post about the importance of memorizing the Word.  we have had it as a goal to memorize the book of psalms as a family (we have finished the first two chapters - woohoo!) and just when i was not super motivated to tackle the next chapter i read her post.  anyways, she has a lot of valuable insight in parenting, loving God, and living an authentic walk so check her out.

rising above food wars: eat for God's glory - this is a blog that i like to read about all kinds of stuff from natural food to being a mom to walking with the Lord.  this particular post was so good i wished i had written it myself (i even thought about printing it out and whiting out "food" and writing in all the hot issues i see dividing believers and handing it out! haha!)  really really godly and healthy (no pun intended) perspective on how we live in our convictions but keep them in eternal perspective and keep the main thing the main thing.

the crisis of the revelation of God's heart - this is written by my favorite guy on the planet... my husband.  he has a "secret blog." okay, it isn't really a secret but he doesn't promote it like lots of bloggers do (um, his wife for one).  his perspective on pursuing the Lord is one i respect tremendously as i watch him not only talk it but actually walk it day in and day out.  i will preface this post by saying it is a bit offensive to even me to realize the way i perceive God's and my heart being more alike than they really are, but sometimes our tweeked thinking being offended is the little nudge we need to correct and find so much more intimacy.  read at your own risk.

i know i could include more, but those are fresh in my mind so check them out.  come back here and let me know what you think and if you were encouraged like i have been.  now, go read!

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