Thursday, November 24, 2011

abc's of thanks

a - apples in all sorts of ways... a favorite fall treat.

b -babies and all of their gooshy soft skin goodness.

myriah grubbs photography

c - coffee made by my dear husband.

d - daddy is such an awesome grandpa and dad.

e - enough.  simple and true - there is always enough with God.

f - fireworks are simply a highlight of life.

g - girl friends are for the long haul.

h - homegrown tomatoes from the backyard.

i - isaiah study every monday at starbucks... time alone in the Word while my husband watches the kids.

j - Jesus is my whole hope and reason for life.

k - kid time... doesn't matter what we are doing, it is always priceless.

l - laughter.  there is nothing like it to heal the soul.

m - making gifts for those i love.

n - nature.  seeing the handiwork of God.

o - out of town road trips are the best "date" talk times.

p - piano.  my instrument of choice.

q - quality time with those i love.

r - red heads... now that i have one, i can't live without them.

s - santa cruz is the beach town full of memories from childhood, dating, engagement, and now raising my own family.

t - time is the only commodity we have to use that truly is finite.

u - undeserved mercy - what sustains me.

v - vacation. making memories that we will carry forever.

w - wednesday night date night - babysitter or not, time we have set aside to get to know each other and strengthen our friendship.

x - xtra fun family traditions - making our own family traditions is one of the best parts of parenting.

y - yellow, orange, red, and gold leaves on trees make the transition season of fall worth it.

z - fresh flowers. i know this doesn't start with z, but i love them and couldn't think of a z word.

happy thanksgiving everyone! may your eyes be open to all there is to be thankful for.

Finding Joy | The ABC's of Thanks 

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