Sunday, November 27, 2011

the great adventure

often the best adventures are the ones we look forward to with anticipation. sometimes adventure is right in our own backyard...

where the trees tower high and make us feel so small and insignificant filling our hearts with awe and amazement. sometimes feeling small feels so good.

unsure of what to expect, sometimes we just have to take the plunge and find out for ourselves how brave, or unsure, we are to tackle the unknown.

the unknown isn't always fun to face, but when it surprises us with joy our hearts are full and our faces bright.

just being held by the One who makes us feel safe sometimes makes the newest adventures so worth it...

we don't even need to have vision to get through it.

we are just along for the ride, hat down over the eyes...

smiling the whole way.

getting away from the hustle and bustle,

back to where life is so simple and still,

can open our hearts to new possibilities we hadn't seen before.

and the hunt for what we are searching for, the very journey itself,

is often as rewarding as the prize at the end of the road.

we feel satisfaction of a job well done - an adventure fully realized.

there is so much wonder all around us if we have eyes to see.

there is so much to fill our hearts with delight every single day, if we just take the time to step away, look around, and embrace feeling small.

life is all around us, within us, and surging through us.

this is the great adventure He has called us to... are you ready for the ride?

still counting gifts to 1000...


361. an amazing week of celebrating thankfulness with family.  feeling incredibly blessed.

362. mom's turkey soup at my parents' house sunday afternoon.

363. great video chat with my husband's parents who live in guatemala- so thankful for modern technology.

364. a new source found for local honey.

365. green salsa we made from the last bits that remained from our garden.

366. an amazing deal on a chest freezer that will be our christmas gift from parents and each other.

367. annual trip up the mountain to chop down the tree.

368. snow on the mountain making a fun family play day.

369. no broken bones while sledding, though the kids took some pretty crazy jumps and even crazier landings.

370. extra bedding for those middle of the night sheet changes that happen with a big family.

371. open doors - whether we walk through them or not, the excitement of possibilities is awesome.

372. living somewhere that doesn't snow close enough to visit the snow for the day, but never having to deal with blizzards, shoveling, or the constant mess of it.

373. decorated house, decorated tree, christmas music always available online... loving this time of year.

374. the advent Bible reading plan my hubby and i are doing together.

375. lefse.

376. decaf americano with homemade whipped cream.

377. laundry piles slowly being processed.

378. freshly organized kids' room, including toys! yippee!

379. the great adventure of life right in front of us.

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