Sunday, November 13, 2011

a giving of thanks

there really is so much to be thankful for.  we have been playing a game in the car while we drive around running errands or kids to school called the "thankful game."  we take turns, one by one, giving thanks to God for something that He has done for us.  i want my heart to overflow with thanksgiving.  i want to teach my kids to recognize all that God does for us all the time.  we all get going one or two things into the game thinking of what we get to say next... it really gets fun to realize all we have all around us!

i don't know about you, but i have to tell myself sometimes, slow down!  slow down and take a look around you at how blessed you really are.  God is moving all the time, giving all the time, beckoning all the time... there is so much we can praise Him for.  and it is always worth it when we come to Him and thank Him for all He has done.

what about you?  what are you starting to notice in your life that you can give Him praise about?  how do you work thanksgiving into your daily life?

347 - 360:

347. pretty flowers in a clean, a messy but clean, living room.

348. a good night sleep last night after a couple up with the kids at different times for different needs.

349. going through clothes i saved in the garage to hand down to the next kid... so helpful to not have to buy all new clothes every season for 4 little boys.

350. friends who pursue relationship with me in so many different ways.

351. our csa box of produce every week... and the provision to pay for it.

352. trying new recipes because of working with some new ingredients i haven't normally eaten in the past.

353. children who aren't picky eaters, but eager to try even things new to me.

354. little bursts of energy to start getting things done.

355. my little david who goes on an egg hunt every day and brings me in fresh brown eggs from the backyard.

356. a very peaceful home to live in.

357. a little pocket of time to write on my little space on the internet all i give thanks for.

358. leaves changing colors - red, yellow, orange... beauty.

359. my body slowly changing shape - more and more evidence of the life growing within.

360. that God speaks to us in the watches on the night while we sleep.

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