Friday, December 23, 2011

the great work of God

during the past several weeks leading up to christmas day i have been reading the gospels and some of the old testament prophesies regarding the coming of the Messiah. my prayer this year during advent has been that the Holy Spirit would open my heart to really believe in Jesus - that He is a man who walked on this earth and all that is said of Him and by Him is true, that He is fully God who came down to be near you and me and offer us the hope of a resurrection life when He comes back, and that He knows me and cares about me in my own little life here in northern california raising lots of little boys and spending my time building a house of prayer that will hopefully sustain until He returns. open my heart to believe - this is my prayer this year above all others.

i was reading in john 6 the other day and the words of Jesus struck me deep.  the crowds had been coming to Him and asking Him to teach them and show them miracles. they then asked Him the question that seems to be on my heart lately,
what should we do in order to perform the works of God?
isn't that a question all of us ask? so much to do and so little time to do it, and so often the nagging question arises inside, is all i am putting my energy into really worth it? what should i be doing? what should be my focus and do i need to adjust in some way? 

i have been asking myself this question often lately as time seems so finite and the most limited commodity i have been given, and i really desire to be found faithful with it. i want to do the great works of God. i want to be found pleasing. at the end of the day when the dishes aren't done, the floors are dirty, the laundry piled high, the kids grouchy and crying, and the ministry in a seeming holding pattern, what is it that really counts?

Jesus' answer to the crowds is His answer to us all:
here's what the work of God is: to trust in the One He sent.
it is really that simple... and it is that difficult. at the end of the day when i come to the end of myself and am faced with my inevitable inability to be the savior of the world, or even of myself, the great work of God that i can do is to trust in Jesus.

and perhaps this is why He said we must be like a child to inherit the kingdom of God - we must come and trust that He is who He says He is, that He is real, and that He can and will save us when we cannot save ourselves.

since trusting in Him is the highest work we are called to do, may He send His Spirit to strengthen our weak hearts to believe.

go today and do the great work of God.

believe this Christmas in the One He sent.



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