Thursday, December 29, 2011

my top 10 posts of 2011

well, i have seen this around the web and decided to do my own top ten posts of 2011.  it was hard to narrow it down and pick which posts that impacted me the most while writing them or rereading them later, but these are some of my favorites (and some ended up being your favorites too!).

the Lord has made me happy - probably the most personal post i have written this far... written with lots of tears and i hope it ministers to you.

there must be more than this -thoughts i had on the day of the Lord - standing before Jesus and giving an account for the state of my own heart.  sounds heavy, but hopefully it is encouraging to you to not give up on the pursuit of a fully vibrant heart.

proverbs:  how to become a fool - in my one year bible reading challenge i decide to write the "what not to do's" of proverbs. 

ten things to remember when studying the book of isaiah - this is part 3 of a three part series on the book of isaiah that gives the most important 10 things to keep in mind when you go to read the popular book of isaiah.  if you like this one, i recommend also reading the first two parts which go into more detail on why i started studying isaiah and what i found when i started digging in.

how to grow in a life of prayer - this is what we do with our lives as intercessory missionaries - grow in prayer in our own lives and help others grow as well.  these tips are a good place to start if you are frustrated or at a standstill in your own prayer life.

28 random things about bill - turns out you all are as nosy as i am (and i mean this as a high compliment) and this is one of my top read posts ever.  here is a sneak peak into who the man i married almost 10 years ago really is and why i like him.

the rooster formally known as susan -or- letting go of false expectations - who knew that having chickens would teach me such deep life lessons? 

you do not have to get divorced - this has been my number one google searched post and someone recently let me know it was on the first page of google if you searched the word divorce.  wow.  i feel like it is a timely exhortation the Lord gave me to share and, though i know it is controversial, i believe it is worth your time to read and think about whether you are married, have been married, or may never get married.

you cannot have it all - this is the reality of life.  the world tries to tell us we can do it all and have it all, but real life is about choices.  what do you choose to have?

how to find true joy - most of this post is just me quoting one of the most inspirational and convicting stories i have heard.  i want joy, how about you?

dear simeon - this is a letter i wrote to my youngest son on his 1st birthday. i actually have posted about each of my kids on their birthdays this year (my oldest is above in the Lord has made me happy) and the other two are a whole handful and

when the curse is reversed - this pregnancy has given me vision for the day when the curse really is totally broken.  can't wait for that day!

how to deal with money with faith instead of fear - a little bit of our story of living on full time missionary support in california with a family of 6 (soon to be 7)!

the great adventure - i was just having fun with this one but it really spoke to me after i wrote it - don't you love when God speaks to you through you? crazy, isn't it!

12 tips for saving money on good food - this was a reader requested post.  i hope it helps you if you are trying to save money on your groceries like us.  please add your tips in the comments because it is far from all inclusive.

okay, so there aren't just 10, but since when have i been a good list maker or brief for that matter?

thanks for being such great readers and for all your comments and feedback - it means a lot to me!

have a wonderful end of 2011 and remember that we all have something to share that will encourage someone else on this journey of knowing God.

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