Monday, January 9, 2012

how will you use your time?

does it seem to anyone else besides me that the days are just flying by?  i don't know if it is a result of getting older, but it feels as if time is just speeding up faster and faster. 

it makes me think of all the things i want to get done, some important and some only seem important, and how i really do have to choose what i will spend my time on.  time is our most precious commodity to spend.  time is more valuable than money.  i have heard countless people talk about the war between the important and the urgent and, even though i understand the concept well in theory, i find myself in this very struggle all the time.

i took the time to reflect on my 2011 using the questions once again from simple mom.   she has 20 question prompts for looking back over the year and i found them very helpful the past two years.  both times, i must admit, i shed quite a few tears (in starbucks! haha!), but i am not one to be very introspective so it was a very needed time of reflection for me.

i still have yet to sit down and pray through and write out some simple goals for this upcoming year.  i want to have a direction i am going so that i can be intentional with my time.  i have always marveled at the verse in psalm 90:
so teach us to number our days
that we may present to You a heart of wisdom.
how we use our time, and our awareness of the finite nature of time, actually causes us to grow in wisdom.  amazing.

last year i felt the Lord urging me to be more intentional, especially with my children and family life, and i have definitely grown in this over the past 12 months.  just like you i am sure (unless you have the drive and focus of a super human), there are times when i was less than present and purposeful in my time and energy with my family.  but, i can honestly look back and see growth.  i am thankful for the small strategies the Lord would give me in how to use my time to connect to my children and husband and ideas of how to serve them joyfully and pour into this family He has entrusted to me.

as i look ahead i wonder what He is asking of my time in 2012.  where do i most need to make growth?  what are areas that i can bring Him glory that i may have never focused on as much in the past?  i have some good ideas, but i want to steal away to get His perspective on my focus so that i am not running in 12 directions at one time with all my good ideas.

what have you discovered in reflecting back on your past year?  do you use any specific ways to reflect?  what do you feel the Lord is highlighting for 2012 for you personally?  how do you go about making goals for the year or refining your focus?  i would love your feedback in the comments and feel free to link to any posts you find helpful in having a focus for using our time wisely in the comments as well.  i love what you all add to the conversation.

still counting gifts to 1000...

380 - 395:

380. using our new freezer to prepare easy future meals.

381. our new baby boy coming in april.

382. two and a half wonderful weeks of the kids home on christmas break.

383. many many unexpected blessings lately.

384. hubby cleaning out the garage.

385. lots of different soups for cooler days.

386. christmas decor down and away - enjoying the extra space in our living room again.

387. the beautiful sunny january days we have been enjoying.

388. slow but steady progress on getting our bedroom back in order and cleaned out.

389. getting some much needed exercise.

390. seeing old friends and still feeling connected.

391. answered prayers.

392. persimmons in the freezer ready to make persimmon spice cake all winter long.

393. a much needed talk on the phone with a friend i have missed so much that i dreamed about talking to her on the phone.

394. reading the book of isaiah and realizing more and more that Jesus being both the Messiah and God is the real deal - getting anchored in the Word.

395. the gift of time.

i am linked up at a holy experience. i would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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