Thursday, February 9, 2012

when life doesn't make sense

sorry i haven't been on for a couple days.  i actually had a different post i wanted to put up on monday, (which now you will have to wait for!), but our internet has been down for the past couple days.  let's just say that my in laws who live in a 3rd world country have a better connection than we do.  hopefully we are getting that taken care of soon!
today i am at 5 minutes for faith writing a guest post about when life just doesn't make sense.  here is just a snippet:
He is near the broken hearted.  i imagine Jesus’ favorite place to be is sitting right next to each one of us when we feel the most alone and unseen.  He loves at just that precise moment to wrap His arms around us and tell us He is for us and not against us.

for He is not a God who is far removed...

click here to read the rest and to add your thoughts!  leave a comment and let me know you read it and if you can relate.

thanks 5 minutes for faith for the opportunity to guest post.

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