Monday, February 13, 2012

when you have white paper and a bit of red paint

there is something that has always attracted me about a bit of brightly colored paint on stark white paper.  i enjoy all the aspects of art, being primarily a musical artist myself, but something about paint always speaks to me.

maybe it is the way that even when a child uses paint on paper, something magical happens... something is released from inside that you may not otherwise know was there.

and even the drips and the imperfections

                         - or maybe especially the drips and imperfections -

                                 they remind me of the Artist, the Creator, who made

each fingerprint,

each sunset,

each snowflake


the beauty in art and in His creation is how it is never quite the same.  no two are quite alike.  God, the Master Artist, didn't run out of ideas and have to make carbon copies.  No, He keeps life interesting and exciting with the depth of the display of His creativity.

and to think, we have only scratched the surface of beholding His beauty in this fallen world still plagued by the curse of sin.  someday... someday we will really see a beauty to behold.

it is all a gift.  thank you God that life is never boring with you - it is all a part of the masterpiece you are creating and we get to be a part.  to taste in part of the wonders of who you are, oh Master Creator, makes me want more and more of you.

still counting gifts to 1000...

450 - 492:

450. great teachings on finances by mike bickle.  challenges me to be stretched in my giving.

451. holding my husband's hand under the covers when i am afraid.

452. that Jesus is the Rebuilder of broken bridges, the Healer of broken hearts, and the One who can bring Restoration and Reconciliation to broken relationships... it is His business and He is good at it.

453. the sweet and tart taste of citrus in the winter.

454. the blessing of teaching piano from my home.

455. the pleasant soothing smells of warm and spicy, yet fruity, home fragrance oils burning.

456. great conversation around the dinner table talking about the high lights of our days - the good parts, the bad parts, the sad parts, and the super duper parts.

457. glorious sun rays peaking out from behind clouds after the rain.

458. finally sitting down on the couch after a long, busy day.

459. salted chocolate. now that is just good.

460. an opportunity to guest post this week at five minutes for faith.

461. deep, slow breaths when i am losing my patience.

462. a generous neighbor who brought us a box full of oranges from their tree.

463. the opportunity to eat something that might not be my first choice, but God provided it and i am thankful to be out of my comfort zone.

464. when sick kids get well.

465. for strength to do the tasks at hand.

466. my beloved david turning 4 last saturday.

467. a rare afternoon nap for myself.

468. a decent night sleep after several very poor and interrupted ones.

469. free glass jars to store more food in our freezer.

470. a former piano student starting back up again.

471. rain forecast for tomorrow.

472. a lovely 2.6 mile walk with 3 of my little ones to go buy new knitting needles to make a hat for the new little one we have yet to meet.

473. the anticipation with which my boys look forward to their dates with their daddy.

474. constant reminders that God really is trustworthy.

475. watching my oldest push the stroller of my current youngest and the sweet way he cares for his little brother.

476. all 6 of us (7 counting little one in the belly) snuggled up together on the couch watching a movie.

477. making requested birthday dinners - loving the particular preferences of each of my kids.

478. the way each of my kids have changed my life in their own unique way.  i will never be the same.

479. the gentle uneven flicker of a candle.

480. new bamboo knitting needles just waiting to make something.

481. a great deal for stocking up on grade b organic maple syrup.

482. the warm musty smell of wool yarn.

483. He answers every prayer.  He hears me when i call.

484. listening to my 4 year old recite the Word by memory.

485. holding my 18 month old when he falls asleep.

486. my 8 years of being a mom.

487. asher turning 8!

488. my wonderful grandma who is 83 years old and shares a birthday with asher.

489. more rain which we have needed!

490. looking up at the bright stars against a dark sky far away from any street lights.  beauty!

491. sharing at our house of prayer monthly gathering about the biblical view of money... so much great discussion that we will get to part 2 next month.

492. the wonders you can make with white card stock and red paint.

i am linked up at a holy experience. i would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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