Saturday, February 4, 2012

just 4 of the many things

just 4 of the many things i love about this kid who is turning 4 today

1. he is a great helper.  whenever his daddy has a project he is working on, david wants to be right in the middle of it all, learning how it is done, and being a part of getting it done.  he is going to know how to do lots of different things when he is older. 

2. he is very funny.  this kid has a great sense of humor and makes jokes that are actually funny (and has for quite a while).  he is goofy and silly and a big clown.  he is always making us laugh and lightening the atmosphere when it is tense. 

3. he was my easiest baby.  when you have had 4 kids, soon to have 5, you usually have an opinion on who was hard and who was easy and perspective of what hard and easy are because you can compare your experiences.  now, i really have never had that hard of a baby (thankfully!) - clingy ones at times, but never colicky or anything like that.  but... david was like so easy it was crazy.  he slept.  he was happy.  he loved to snuggle, but wasn't clingy.  he fit right into the family without any crazy awkward transition.  he was such an easy and fun baby.

4. he is not afraid to be his own person.  david loves and looks up to his older brothers, but he is completely happy doing his own thing.  being number three i would wonder if he would feel pressure to live up to the older 2, but he is happy playing with them when it is something he is excited about and doing something on his own if he is interested in something different.  even when his brothers ask, at times beg, him to do something specific that they want to do, he is totally secure saying no and doesn't fall into peer pressure even at a young age.  he picks out his own clothing and wears interesting combos, to say the least.  many times his clothes, especially his shirts, are backwards or inside out and his shoes on the wrong feet or mismatched (the classic is two mismatched left shoes).  if i ask him about it, he just replies, "i am okay with it."  he is his own little guy. 

for more about my sweet david, read a bit about him and his crazy birth (no graphic info, it is safe) in my post last year

happy birthday david!  i love you!

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