Monday, July 16, 2012

it's a very special day

can someone please tell me how this sweet little one is now two?!  (by the way, isn't this a brilliant photograph?  my sister myriah is so artistic. having a photog in the family is priceless.)

last year i wrote a letter to my sweet simeon.

this year i want to just celebrate this very special day with a couple things i specifically love about him.  it is amazing that even having 5 boys, each of them is so different and unique!

things i love about simeon:


1. he talks sooooo much!  i crack up at the funny little things he says - like "!"   the tone of voice he addresses me in sometimes is quite teenager-esk with a drawn out "ma-maaaaaaa."  he lowers his voice and makes it kind of growl-ey when he wants to feel old.  he talks and talks and talks whether people understand him or not - he always has been a communicator.  he sounds like he has a thick german or austrian accent.  (maybe we should teach him german while he has the right sound attacks to learn it well.)

2. he makes me laugh!  this kid is so funny that it is hard to discipline sometimes.  i have to keep a straight face and hide my giggle.

3. he sucks his thumb and holds my hair.  all. the. time.  really, all the time.  just like the above picture.

4. he loves to laugh.  he is always looking for a reason to laugh and be silly and make others laugh too.  his personality can be described by the word: fun.

5. he remembers names.  as a person who struggles remembering names, it is amazing that this little guy comes by it pretty naturally.

6. he looks so much like his daddy.

7. he doesn't sleep well at night yet.  funny thing to say i love about him, but when i think of who he is it just stands out to me.  he is a wonderful little person who happens to not be a good sleeper.

8. he is feisty.  i mean feisty.  he has had more than his fair share of paddles from the choices this feisty side leads him to make.  but even having to steer it and discipline it, i am so excited to see how it plays out in his personality as he grows up.  definitely not a boring little guy.

9. he is a mama's boy.  i know there will come a day when he starts to prefer his daddy and naturally "cut the apron strings" to become a man, but i am cherishing it while i can.

10. he is mine.  i just love this kid and he has added so much life, noise, and personality to this family.

happy birthday my sweet simba, simi, simboliya, simeon jacob boy.  i love you very much!

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