Wednesday, February 13, 2013

20 ways to love your spouse on valentine's day

20 ways to love your spouse on v-day 

(or on any day)

  1. make a homemade card
  2. write a love song (whether you are a musician or not!)
  3. have an email detailing your favorite things about him waiting in his inbox when he wakes
  4. surprise her with her favorite breakfast and a hot cup of coffee
  5. go back and look at wedding pictures together
  6. do one of her daily chores without being asked or drawing attention to it
  7. ask him what his v-day looks like... and make it about him (seems to be traditionally about her, right?)
  8. share with each other the story of when and how you knew that you were in love
  9. set a timer on your phone to pray for your spouse every 10 minutes the whole day.
  10. buy a pack of 3 by 5 cards, write on each one a different reason you love him, and tie them together with string
  11. speak lovingly about your spouse all day long
  12. take a break from technology and just be together
  13. exercise together
  14. wear something you know he thinks you look good in
  15. choose today to forgive
  16. kiss at least 3 times today - waking, leaving the house, and going to bed
  17. tell someone else your "story" together - even better, tell it to your kids
  18. hold hands in the car
  19. look today for how you can give, not how you can get... how you can serve, not how to be served.
  20. pray together

what are ideas that you would add?


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