Saturday, March 12, 2011

a prayer for japan and for us

a prayer for japan and for us:

Lord, You alone are able to make sense of all that has transpired the last 48 hours to our japanese brothers and sisters.  You who hold the world together by the Word of Your power are the God who is Mighty to save them, to save us!  oh God!  i ask that You save them!  i ask that in the midst of such overwhelming devastation that miracles abound.  may the lost literally be found... those trapped in buildings and rubble and darkness be set free... may those hurt, sick, and dying be healed... may the dead be raised back to life whole and with a message!  Lord, send Your angels to guide the rescue workers to find those who are still alive and lost, alone, crying out for help.  may help come quickly!  may lives be preserved.  show Your power and may we hear testimonies of people finding God and having face to face encounters while trapped and crying out for help.   

God, You alone are Mighty to save!

Father God, even more, i ask that heart turn to You!  let real revival break out in the streets of japan.  cause Your Spirit to be demonstrated in power, in signs and wonders, in radical salvation and transformed lives.  i ask that above all else, the hearts of the japanese turn to You and that this is the time of the greatest outpouring of Your Spirit in that country.  may repentance sweep over the nation.  in times like these we realize how short life is and how long eternity will be with You or in eternal separation.  Lord, let no more japanese souls be lost!  while we long for signs and wonders in the here and now, we long for more than a quick fix for this life alone... may live be forever snatched from the lake of fire and brought into the Kingdom of God!

i ask for souls!  i ask that japan would belong to Your Son!  i ask that japan would step out as a leader among gentile nations in calling on the name of Jesus and coming to You!  God, there is no other answer.  send laborers into the harvest.  may hundreds and thousands and tens of thousands of japanese come into the Kingdom in the next days and weeks... show Your glory Lord!

Lord, i ask that a Spirit of repentance would come over Your church, Your people, those of us who are seeking to follow Jesus.  wake us from our slumber.  shake us from our lukewarmness.  set us free from our lust for money, security, power, and everything else that keeps us from turning to You.  let us not be cold and disconnected thinking, well, it wasn't us.  shake us Lord!  wake us!  may we turn to You in prayer, in fasting, in repentance.  turn our hearts.  soften our hearts.  tenderize our hearts.  when all else is shaken, only You remain.  

grip us with the reality that these are birth pains.  this is all meant to grip us with the reality that You are coming soon.  let our hearts not be deceived.  let our eyes be opened.  things are not okay as they are.  we cannot be moved for a moment or two and then back to life as normal.  may our lives no longer be marked by normal.   may i be gripped with the reality that You are really really coming again and this is Your mercy that life would be shaken to show me the only place to put my hope and trust:  You.  may Your church be filled with desire for You. 

wake us Lord.  shake us Lord.  Jesus, may Your name alone be glorified.  in my life.  in the nations of the earth.  in japan.  

have mercy on us Lord.  let us turn to You now.  may our hearts not be hard.  we are in need.

Jesus, have mercy.



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