Saturday, May 7, 2011

2 thoughts on my birthday

a favorite picture of me and my babe by my fabulous sister-in-law for my 30th birthday

birthdays when you have all boys

today is my 32nd birthday.  i bet you didn't think i was that old. (wink).

yesterday my family celebrated my birthday and uriah, my 5 year old, told me when i saw my present i would "melt."  i asked him what it meant to melt.  he said it meant i loved my present very much.

my older two boys have been spelling "m-o-m    i    l-o-v-e   y-o-u" and "m-o-m-m-y    y-o-u    a-r-e    s-o    b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!"  over and over again the past couple days (one of the perks of being a mom to boys.)  my 3 year old david wanted to join in so he started spelling "m-o-m-n-t-m-z    l-m-n-g-b-p   w-x-y-z."  i say, "david, i love you too!"  he says, "mommy, do you know what that means?  it means happy."

though my family is always so thoughtful about gifts and special birthday time (i am a quality time girl to the max!), i think my best birthday present this year it God's protection over my boys each and every day.  last night, while at my sister's house for a bbq, my little beloved david fell off the top step of a step ladder while getting off her trampoline.  he fell head first, literally head first, onto her blacktop concrete below without catching himself at all or breaking his fall.  i will spare you the pictures, though i do have them.  my mama's heart broke seeing him so hurt and all i wanted to do was make sure he was going to be okay and take away his pain.  after icing, motrin, treats, cuddles, checking his pupils multiple times, praying, consulting my sister-in-law who is a nurse and was there, and a little bit of worry in this mama's heart, he is going to be okay.

waking up this morning and reaching over to feel his little hand as he lie next to me in my bed, my heart filled with thankfulness that my little boy is okay.  there are so many worse ways this fall could have turned out than his now shrinking goose egg.  there are many mamas who will be celebrating this upcoming mother's day missing one of their special gifts that made them mothers.  my heart aches with them.


this morning i read a blog by one of my favorite people that reminded me about true beauty.  she was writing it to her 5 year old daughter, but she was also writing it to me (not knowingly).  she spoke the truth in love.  i am rebuked and thankful for the kind rebuke. you can click below to go to her blog and see just small peaks at how blessed i am to have her as a sister.

blog button

any woman reading this blog, and even men, could use this reminder of what beauty really is.  for my 33rd year, i hope to go ahead being thankful for all God has given me and who He made me to be.

here is to the past 32 years of blessings and gifts from God, grace enough for each day, and grace to go ahead.

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