Monday, May 2, 2011

from where i am sitting

i am rocking a baby.  my baby.  my sweet blue eyed boy with strawberry blond hair that gets comments wherever we go - does he have red hair?

this sweet little one is working on cutting his teeth.  my usually happy baby is not so happy and so not sleeping.  my seven year old sympathized with him as he is in the process of losing teeth and getting new ones.  he has been praying for his baby brother to get better from the pain of getting a new tooth.  sweet child.

it has been a long few days.  i will be happy when i am sleeping again. (but who am i fooling?!!  this baby doesn't really sleep even when he isn't teething.)  i probably need to be happy before i am sleeping again because that may be in a couple years. 

i am so amazed at how God gives that extra little grace to mamas (and dadas) who have little ones who don't sleep.  i never thought before becoming a mom that i would be able to function with an interrupted night's sleep, or a week of them, or a month even, let alone over 7 years of them!  thank you Lord for the grace i need each day to just make it through!

counting to 1000...

124 - 142:

124. a family bbq.

125. my baby's first sentence: i want mama.

126.  how hearing the baby say, i want mama, over and over again when he should be sleeping, when i should be sleeping, tenderizes my heart and makes my grouchiness move aside to comfort him.

127. grace in the morning after sleepless teething nights.

128. my favorite brother and favorite sister turning 30.

129. cousins that are each others best friends.

130. the annual movie pass i won a couple months back - coolest prize ever.

131. getting my veggie seedlings in the raised beds.

132. a long overdue girls' day.

133. taking 4 very well behaved little boys to a friday night wedding and enjoying it.

134. may - the best and busiest month of the year.

135. electricity that i often don't even think of having.

136. favor to get a monthly bill lowered.

137. telling my kids stories from my childhood and remembering great memories i hadn't thought of in a while. 

138. missions trips when i was young that molded much of who i am now.

139. family devotional times.

140. the rare afternoon nap.

141.  bedtime.

142. hearing the music of my kids' laughter.

i am linked up at a holy experience.  come and join in on the party of counting 1000 gifts.  i would love to read your list as well.

what are you thankful for that usually you may take for granted?

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