Monday, June 27, 2011

He is worthy

We Are All Reaching Up In Our Own Way...
some days it is easier to be thankful than others.  sometimes it just seems so obvious all that He has done in our lives.  other days, we struggle to see His activity.  but regardless of how much our hearts are moved in any particular moment, He is always active in our lives and He is always faithful.  He is the God who never fails us. 

Field of Poppies

we give thanks every day, not because we feel like it but because
He is worthy.  

enter His gates with thanksgiving 
and His courts with praise. 
give thanks to Him, 
bless His name.
psalm 100:4

241 - 251:

241. feeling the Holy Spirit on my heart while I play the piano and worship Jesus.

242. my brother and sister (and their spouses) who graciously watched my kiddos while bill and i went to a house of prayer gathering for the day out of town.

243. plums off of our little plum tree in the backyard.

244. my sister picking blueberries for me at a you-pick place.  fresh yummy blueberries.

245. the discipline of having to write what i am thankful for, so i have to focus on being thankful even when i do not feel like it.

246. my kids napping/resting all at the same time so i can have time by myself to spend with the Lord.

247. enough grace for this moment.  then more grace for the next moment.  moment by moment.

248. a friend's simple encouragement this weekend, "you are a good mom."  it meant the world to me.

249. my generous parents-  every sunday having lunch at their house, their treat.

250. my chickens, even though they angered me by eating my bell pepper plants in the garden.

251. the fact that He hasn't failed me yet. 

i am linked up at a holy experience.

what are you thankful for?
please share in the comments below.

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