Sunday, April 3, 2011

a question for you!

i have a question for you, my dear readers. 

as i write on this blog there is so much i would love to share and write about, but i can be a bit indecisive about what to focus on in what i write about on here.   i have pretty much decided my niche would be encouraging christian women and moms in their pursuit of following the Lord.  i have so many interests and little angles of perspective that some of you know about who know me in non-blogging world, such as i love to cook and create with food but there are so many food bloggers out there that i haven't focused on that on this particular blog.  i also have my b.a. in music and teach private piano lessons to supplement our missionary income.  i am passionate about parenting as was raised in a godly family with such a rich heritage in loving the Lord and being involved in ministry, and in real life settings (as if this is pretend life) i have had an opportunity to encourage many younger moms one on one. 

i am sure there are some of you who may have decided to join this blog community because of a particular post that spoke to you and may have hoped i would dive deeper into a particular topic.

all that to say... i would love your feedback in my comments about topics you would like to see my write about in future posts and series on this blog.  this blog is to encourage you!  

how can i best encourage you?  

what would you like to see me write about that i haven't?  

what would you like to hear more about? 

please leave feedback in the comments!  i take each one to heart.  



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