Monday, April 18, 2011


like most monday mornings, i am thinking about all that needs to be done.  we have a full week ahead of us, like most weeks really, and it is so easy for me to fall into task mode and get consumed with little check marks on a to do list sticky note on my computer screen rather than having a heart that is engaged and fully present. 

as a mom of four boys, managing the home can be very consuming.  balancing ministry and family is challenging and i must admit i am not very good at it yet.  i vacillate between one and the other... how best am i to manage the time the Lord has given me - my most precious commodity.  

it is good that i do the things i do:  this is what the Lord has placed before me.  but where should my mind be this morning?  what and who should be consuming my thoughts?
i will lift up my eyes to the mountains; 
from where shall my help come? 
my help comes from the Lord, 
who made heaven and earth. 
                         psalm 121  
in all i do today, may i give thanks.  in all my coming ins and going outs, may my thoughts be consumed with the One from whom all is a gift.  i can do nothing apart from His grace.  i can accomplish nothing apart from His help.

may all i do be for the glory of His name.  may i not become distracted by the worries and cares of this life, but may i be purposeful in serving and laying down my life, not just for those around me, but for Him.
whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance.  it is the Lord Christ whom you serve.  
                                                            colossians 3:23-24          

and so the list continues.


88. going to a bridal shower for a friend who i prayed years for to find the "right one."  she found the "right one."

89. cows and sheep walking over rolling green hills.

90. snow capped mountains in the background of everywhere i look.

91. cherry trees looking like cotton candy packed with soft pink blossoms.

92. endurance and self-control even when i feel almost too weak to resist, almost.

93. literacy.  the ability to learn about anything and everything because of the gift of being able to read.

94. a special "date night" with my hubby and oldest son.

95. the heart swell of watching the sound of music in 5th row seats and humming along with every note.

96. cherry red toe nail polish.

97.  my husband's infectious laugh.

98. feeling the Lord's tenderness and patience in the midst of seeing immaturity and brokenness in my own heart.

99. friends that hold that special place in my heart even if we don't get to talk or spend time together often.

100. monday mornings. 

101. my spanish/english Bible that my husband gave me as a gift when we first met down in brazil.

102. so many many toys that the boys have to play with - abundance.

103. money to buy groceries this week - He hasn't failed me yet.

104. the gift of time.

i am linked up at a holy experience.  let me know in a comment below that you are taking part and i will visit your blog.  i love to read what everyone else is thankful for - just stirs it up more in my own heart.

what is one thing you are thankful for this very moment?

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